100% fanspeed on all fans after update

Hello everyone,

i’m relatively new to manjaro and I couldnt find a fix online so I’m asking for help here. The problem occured after the last major update (ca. 1GB, many packages).

I switched from Windows 10 to Manjaro 2 month prior, I had the fans configured in the iCue software and the fans just continued to use this config in manjaro, until the last update

Temporary solution
I got a temporary solution, but it isnt really working: I setup fancontrol, configured my fans and when I start the fancontrol service the fans behave like they should. However, the fancontrol service just stops randomly once an hour and i have to restart the service. I also have to start the service manually after reboot.

I feel like this isnt near the right solution but at least its silent for now.

Since I dont know where the problem originates I have no idea what logs etc. I can show you so feel free to ask and I will provide more information.

The fans:
6x Corsair LL120
2x Corsair HD140
1x Hydro X Series XD5 (Pump)

DId you try to switch kernels, yet?