1.pamac-gtk is running slowly; 2. the bootloader cannot boot more than two versions of Manjaro ;3. the community version of manjaro linux is not have the support of font for other country ,eg china and so on

预格式化文本大家好,我是第一次使用Manjaro系统,同时也非常喜欢这个系统。我曾将大部分的Linux的发行版本都按装了个遍,最终我选择了Gnome。我的电脑比较老,处理器是Xeon Intel® E5520的。
问题二:关于,Manjaro-linux-live。我在我的电脑上装了windows10以及linux的双系统,引导程序正常。但是当我安装第三了linux系统的时候,(也是Manjaro的系统,其总/boot单独挂载在了一个磁盘分区,硬盘的引导方式为MBR)引导系统只能正常应到两个系统,(Windows10 和 Linux最新安装的系统),中间那个时间段安装的系统会显示无法找到/boot下的 XXX.img系统镜像的问题,不知道这个是不是Bug,但我希望可以将Manjaro的发行版本的健壮型加以改进。
Hello everyone, this is my first time to use manjaro system, and I like it very much. I’ve installed most Linux distributions all by themselves, and finally I chose gnome. My computer is older, and the processor is Xeon Intel ® e5520.
Problem 1: after comparison, I found that gnome’s pamac, that is, the pamac GTK version, is slightly stuck compared with the pamac under xface and KDE release versions, and it is often easy to get stuck and flash back. I don’t know what the situation is, and I don’t know whether the next version can be optimized.
Problem 2: about manjaro Linux live. I installed windows 10 and Linux dual system on my computer, the boot program is normal. But when I installed the third Linux system (also manjaro’s system, its total / boot is separately mounted on a disk partition, and the hard disk boot mode is MBR), the boot system can only normally apply to two systems (the latest installed systems of windows 10 and Linux), and the system installed in the middle of that period will show that it cannot find / boot XXX.img I don’t know if this is a bug, but I hope to improve the robustness of manjaro’s distribution.
Problem 3: all the unofficial versions of manjaro are missing language fonts except Western language during the installation process, resulting in the installation interface can not be displayed normally. I hope to add some patches to the release version of the system maintained by the community ^-^!。This version of pamac-gtk is 10.0.4-2.