04f3:0c4d Fingerprint not working

Heyho just checked with lsusb that my fingerprint is under supported devices
Bus 003 Device 002: ID 04f3:0c4d Elan Microelectronics Corp. ELAN:Fingerprint

but still it seems to crash when i try to register a fingerprint
“Enroll result: enroll-unknown-error”

journalctl shows
“Jul 15 11:42:48 :Failed to clear storage before first enrollment: Device has no storage.
Jul 15 11:42:48 :Device reported an error during identify for enroll: Calibration failed!”

anyone has a solution for that? (Manjaro is up 2 date).

edit: cant post links but its supported according to https fprint freedesktop org supported-devices html

lsusb does not say that it is supported, it just says that it has been detected.

Ofc there no driver for this device on Linux. No driver for the fingerprint reader 04f3:0c4d Elan Microelectronics Corp. ELAN:Fingerprin-English Community

i cant post links
but its in the fprint supported device list
https fprint freedesktop org supported-devices html
as shown in the arch wiki for fprint

Ah I see… but did you read this?

This is a list of supported devices in libfprint’s development version. Those drivers might not all be available in the stable, released version. If in doubt, contact your distribution or systems integrator for details.


So you need the development version…

However, no idea then, if you have followed: fprint - ArchWiki

This was it :smiley:
had to install
fprintd-libfprint2 thank you very much :).

I tried to write it in the archwiki but i feel like my english isnt good enough :stuck_out_tongue: i hope someone will do it in the future ^^. (I only uninstalled libfprint 1.92 which was preinstalled in manjaro and installed fprintd-libfprint2 my laptop light turns orange when its in fingerprint mode)
(My laptop is Lenovo IdeaPad 5 14are05)


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