Zyn-fusion in ardour

I am mostly following this guide: How do I prepare Manjaro KDE for audio production? - YouTube to set up ardour for music production/messing around.
I am using KDE Wayland with Pipewire on a fully updated Manjaro system.
Ardour opens fine, and I tried using ‘yoshimi’ which works fine, but any time i try to open the gui for zyn-fusion (also zynaddsubfx) i get the following output and the program exits:

[INFO] Ready to run
[INFO:Zyn] zest_open()
[INFO:Zyn] zest_open(osc.udp://[IP])
[INFO:Zyn] Found Assets at /usr/lib/zynaddsubfx/
[INFO:Zyn] Starting Zyn-Fusion
[INFO:Zyn] Thanks for supporting the development of this project
[INFO:Zyn] Creating MRuby Interpreter...
[debug] parsing json file
[debug] json parsed succesfully
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  ardour6