.zshrc generating error messages on start up

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You will need to ensure the modules is available.

Would you care to elaborate as to what you mean by “ensure the modules is(sic) available” ?

Are you sure you’re running zsh?

Please do not post screenshots of text.

Do not post images or screenshots as part of your topic. The forum is a technical forum not an image gallery.
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When your .zshrc throws errors - command not found

  • a missing system binary
  • a missing internal zsh script module

e.g. prompt is not a binary but an internal shell command for bash - so prompt in your .zshrc have to be a missing module in your zsh setup.

In general terms you can query the system for the command

which <commandname>

From there you can query the package manager

pacman -Qo <commandname>

See where it takes you

Since you tailored your zsh setup 6 years ago - it is not possible to deduce what is missing. I don’t use zsh so for all I know, it could be zsh which have changed.

05:24:39 ○ [fh@tiger] ~
 $ pamac info manjaro-zsh-config | grep -e 'Build Date'
Build Date            : tir 25 jul 2023 16:27:22 CEST

05:24:54 ○ [fh@tiger] ~
 $ pamac info zsh | grep -e 'Build Date'
Build Date            : tor 14 mar 2024 23:28:04 CET

After 44 years in IT, and using Linux since 1995, I find your ‘ideas’ of no value.
The ‘idea’ that you don’t use zsh ( me only 10 years) but are advising me how it works ( by the way, I code in assembler + C, just fyi)

I thought after a week researching this and not being successful this forum would be useful.


I am closing this issue, and I will take it to stackoverflow where people, generally speaking, know what they are talking about.

cheers, Paul Adams

What does that qualify for ?

What I can tell you is that prompt, while being part of bash - it is not part of zsh :man_shrugging: you know that already - so why are you arsking ?

It is not - that’s why the forum rules contains an sentence about it - for future topics - please copy paste your terminal output in a code fence - that is how we do it here.

After 44 years you should be able to troubleshoot your rc files.

you should be able to do

cat ~/.zshrc | curl -F 'file=@-' https://0x0.st

Fantastic …

Indeed … me too …

Great - I am sure you can post the same topic … be sure to link the answer

You comment that the forum is not a “picture gallery”…


Is that question an attempt at humor?

6 years of using Manjaro never posted one “help”:
This is first one…
Last one…

Switching back to full archLinux…

Small minds bore me…

The zshrc works in my arch partition, blackarch partition, artix partition, & KaOS…

Try to think what the difference might be that is causing the problem…

I don’t know - you tell me - for what I know zsh is the same …

 $ pacman -Qi zsh
Name            : zsh
Version         : 5.9-5
Description     : A very advanced and programmable command interpreter (shell) for UNIX
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             : https://www.zsh.org/
Licenses        : custom
Groups          : None
Provides        : None
Depends On      : pcre2  libcap  gdbm
Optional Deps   : None
Required By     : manjaro-zsh-config  zsh-autosuggestions  zsh-completions  zsh-history-substring-search
                  zsh-syntax-highlighting  zsh-theme-powerlevel10k
Optional For    : None
Conflicts With  : None
Replaces        : None
Installed Size  : 6,56 MiB
Packager        : Christian Hesse <eworm@archlinux.org>
Build Date      : tor 14 mar 2024 23:28:04 CET
Install Date    : man 27 maj 2024 10:07:51 CEST
Install Reason  : Installed as a dependency for another package
Install Script  : Yes
Validated By    : Signature

Further, if you had read what I first wrote, the zshrc worked in Manjaro up until upgrade to Wynsdey… capice?

I will not contradict your statement - I recognize you have an issue - I do not know anything about your system - I can only relate to package versions

And since you have

what am I supposed to say ?

where do you wanna go with that ?

zsh is zsh and the version in Manjaro repo is inherited from Arch - so there is that !

I can run a zsh shell and giving the command prompt the shell reponds with

15:16:20 ○ [fh@tiger] ~
 $ zsh
    ~  prompt                                                                                      ✔ 
zsh: correct 'prompt' to '_prompt' [nyae]? n
zsh: command not found: prompt

Thanks for your efforts.

Have been reading the forum for six years, and have always been ‘horrified’ by the discourtsey shown to ‘noobs’… This experience has been good for the soul, keeps me young (67) and a makes for great board room jokes tomorrow.

Paul Adams - Linux Security Programmer (Director)
Shibumi Security Systems

but you are no noob - you just pretend to be - to what end ? board room jokes ?

If you have nothing else to provide at your boardroom meetings - I feel sorry for you - you apperently learning nothing - you can quote me at your board meeting - don’t twist my words provide full contenxt.

To provide the full context for your boardroom - https://forum.manjaro.org/raw/164352

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Correction: I am a noob in terms of first post to this forum…


Full context: I have read many, many , many of your replies over the years, and at Hogwarths you would score ‘T’ - Troll… lol

‘Twist my words’ - Lightened up, take a chiil pill, and rather than thinking you are Odin of the Manjaro Forum, be surprised that you might learn something… imho

My apologies - I tripped the troll trap … over and out … no more feeding

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Context… This issue ‘the error msg’, are not ‘show stoppers’, do cause some anomalies in command completion, annoying but easy to work around…

Intention for post was
a: Give heads up to Manjaro developers
b: Alert others to potential issue ( but could be a stand-alone, I recognise that)
c: If somebody knew easy fix… that would be cool… Otherwise, more than happy to do the ‘debug’…


@moderators Please close this thread.

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