Zsh Shell in manjaro tools

You can change the shell by using login_shell="/bin/zsh".
This sets zsh as the shell on the live boot.
How? or can you make it use zhs for the installation, as this is still bash.

After installing zsh change the shell with:

chsh -s /bin/zsh

After reboot, it should be there.

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In profile.conf

# default system shell is bash
# '/etc/defaults/useradd': " "
# userShell              : "/bin/zsh"
# empty value will not be used



You are right that is in the profile-conf example but buildiso does not see it using “buildiso -qv”.
Many Thanks it does work it just does not show in “buildiso -qv”

That may be correct - I don’t think -qv is designed to show all the possible permutations - after all - since the tools has been created numerous options has been added and it is not feasible to list them all with -qv

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