Zsh prompt / powerline not by default


After some updates I realized that my console prompt is not using powerline zsh anymore, but the linux standard prompt.
To get the powerline zsh prompt again I must type zsh in console.
I’m wondering what could be the result of such change and how to solve it.
Any idea ?

Konsole profile?

Maybe this is related to the recent /etc/shells issue?

Possible solution:

  1. Check pacdiff -o for /etc/shells.pacnew
  2. Handle merging /etc/shells while making sure /bin/zsh and/or /usr/bin/zsh are listed
  • After saving the file, double-check they are listed in: chsh --list-shells
  1. If zsh is desired as default shell, check that: getent passwd $(id -u) | cut -d: -f 7 returns /bin/zsh or /usr/bin/zsh
  • If not, run: sudo usermod --shell /usr/bin/zsh $(id -u -n)

Recent update to filesystem that may produce /etc/shells.pacnew, a file type requiring manual intervention that some users were not familiar with.

Yeah, I still am trying to figure out the rationale for zsh to modify /etc/shells in the post-install hook. Seems to be a rather non-idempotent way to manage these entries.

Case-in-point: the recent change (archlinux#33677) clobbers over the zsh post-install hook modifications. If there is no /etc/shells.d drop-in directory (due to historical reasons), then why doesn’t filesystem package also include /bin/zsh, if it insists on controlling 100% of that file’s contents?

These are better questions for the maintainers.
filesystem is ours, built by @Yochanan
zsh we get from Arch.

…and KDE is mostly maintained by @LordTermor.

All I know is he created custom Konsole profile that uses the Manjaro theme with ZSH by default. :man_shrugging:

in fact /usr/bin/zsh or /bin/zsh were not in the shells.pacnew file, so I added them.
Next I checked the default shell and it returns me /bin/bash so I changed it with : sudo usermod --shell /usr/bin/zsh $(id -u -n)

Next I log out/log in, but nothing changed, so I reboot PC and now I have ZSH with powerline as default shell.



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