Zsh has strange lines on the window

I don’t know why there is strange lines like this on the bash window, whatever my KDE Theme chosen.

Computer: Surface Pro 6
OS: Manjaro 20.1 Mikah
Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.8.0-2-MANJARO
DE: KDE 5.73.0 / Plasma 5.19.4
WM: KWin

And like this, a long line at the bottom of the first line and a short line at the center.

This is not a an issue with zsh itself but a window manager issue.

This usually happens when you are using fractional scaling e.g. 1.5 and I have only seen it on KDE.

I tend to agree with @linux-aarhus. This is a graphical issue and has nothing to do with the shell.
You could also try to use a different fonts and see if that helps.

actually I am using 125% scaling on my 2736*1824 screen. maybe we can fix it in the next KDE version?

another font doesn’t work

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I recommend you experiment with the scaling - initially start by remove scaling - to see if you can make it disappear.

The issue has been coming and going - I believe it is an upstream issue.

When you make it disappear - then reproduce the issue making notes of the steps to reproduce. Then check bugs.kde.org to see if something similar is reported and add to that report - or you could create a new issue.

yes when I changed the 125% to 100% they are gone. but I still love 125%. maybe years later I should buy a 1920*1080 screen, will that be better?