Zsh git repository branch prompt

I seem to have my zsh prompt not showing the “main” branch text completely if I have no modifications in a gitlab repository that I have locally. Like shown below:
As soon as I touch anything into the repository, that prompt starts showing the branch text entirely as shown in the image.

I posted this into KDE Plasma as I use that flavour of distribution and the terminal is konsole but I think this is more of a zsh issue still. Otherwise I’m using systemd-homed with a btrfs luks encrypted home on dedicated drive to the user as this is my personal workstation.

I haven’t faced the exact same issue, but a similar one. If there is something in the right side of a terminal (e.g. - timestamp with time etc.) which takes a long area, then sometimes the address section is contracted to show everything. For example -

I have nothing at the end of the line as shown below:

Also I forgot to mention this if I select the prompt area, I get these:
This was just to show that the “main” does read there but the area somehow gets scaled wrong, as far I can interpret.