Zotero works but remains listed in checkrebuild

After the last stable update, I have installed rebuild-detector and have uninstalled two orphan packages that appeared in checkrebuild. Now, they do not appear anymore but zotero is the only that stays in this list. With pamac in GUI, I have builded Zotero once more but it stays in this checkrebuild list.

Launching afterwards checkrebuild -v, I can see (I don’t know if it helps):

ldd /usr/lib/zotero/plugin-container

	libxul.so => not found

ldd /usr/lib/zotero/libxul.so

	libmozsandbox.so => not found
	liblgpllibs.so => not found
	libmozsqlite3.so => not found
	libmozgtk.so => not found

ldd /usr/lib/zotero/libsoftokn3.so

	libmozsqlite3.so => not found

ldd /usr/lib/zotero/libmozavcodec.so

	libmozavutil.so => not found

In rebuild-detector Github’s page, I can read:

For performance reasons, the ldd check is only executed against direct dependencies of the packages that are being updated in this pacman transaction.

I do not want to break zotero that is very helpful and where I store a lot of papers. Zotero is working well but I am wondering why I can read this or what it exactly means.

Thanks for reading it.

You can ignore it for that package, there’s nothing to (re)build as it’s a binary package.

Related issue:

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Thanks for your big help!

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