Zorin 15 has some cool features for gnome

I like the layout switcher, the theme with hot swappable highlight colors and the optional automatic switching between dark theme and light theme based on daylight hours. I think Zorin team got their look quite well polished.

@Ste74, do you think something like this (or some of this) could or should be ported to manjaro gnome? After the 3.32 release I have been getting progressively more excited about gnome and might be able to put a few more hours into it.

What do other people think about this distro?


I totally agree with you, the gnome modifications that Zorin OS did are gorgeous. However I don't know if they do direct modifications to the code base or they are using some custom extensions. It will be a good idea to contact them to see how they manage to get that level of customization.

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I checked their github. It seems mostly custom extensions and themes. However, the layout switcher is not listed in github, so they might not want it to be forked? I might have write a manjaro specific solution with bash or python (they seem to be using javascript mostly).


This project has some code that could be useful too.

well $39 only
with six desktop layouts.:joy:

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There is a couple of zorin packages in AUR - all related to gnome-shell.

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Yeah, somewhere between a smartphone cover and a windows license. Seems rather fair to me, especially considering that the free version has all the same features, just not pre-installed. So it's like a fancy form of donations.

well to me its a price of an 240 gb ssd which im still hesitating to buy.

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I understand. Personally I couldn't afford it. But I'm not the target audience anyway. It's an easy, familiar and cheap alternative to windows 10 for people who need to switch from windows 7 and don't want to buy a new computer. It's something I would install for my parents or tech support clients, not myself.

But if I'm comparing the price to the product and not my own finances and needs, it seems fair.


I think they did a great job with their extensions to Gnome. It would be interesting to see if this Layout Switcher and their plugins work on the current Gnome version.

Personally I'm most curious about the dark theme they use and how they apply it to QT applications. Because even Gnome's dark Adwaita theme can't be applied to some QT applications like Virtual-box without breaking the theme in my experience. At least when using qt5ct and setting the style to gtk2.

But maybe I'm just not aware of a better way of doing it.

Thanks! Those seem to be mostly rebranded versions of existing shell extensions, most of them already packaged for Manjaro under different name. I'm more interest in the theme/layout switcher app. I could easily write the backend for it, but writing the front-end could be an interesting learning experience.

the difficult part would be to apply those settings wirhout logging out.
as we could just overwrite the config files
of different layouts.

I think reloading the shell would be sufficient, and even that might not be needed in some cases.


so first of all we need to create configs of different layouts colors like dark and light mode.
and load them.
may be transfuse made by @cscs could help

This can be done with Clight:

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I cannot fully respond due to forum rules :wink:
Then again, I havent looked in at least half a decade.

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Sorry, I know it's of topic, but do you know if it will be easy to dual boot Zorin 15 with Manjaro?

I love Zorin Gnome layout but I think Manjaro Gnome is faster.

I did try them out and it is a really interesting perspective which will be more accessible to new users of Linux. The more the merrier. The only problem I have with it is that it is built on top of Ubuntu. And that is just me being me.

A very good review video too!

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Yes, I am stuck with using Ubuntu based distros because nothing major breaks when it updates and I have used it for years.

If some old program in the software center freezes the system, I know how to install something newer in the terminal.

Last week the yay package was upgraded to a newer versions and broke in Antergos. After that I could not install many programs because they depended on a yay.

Ubuntu just keeps on, going on. Except maybe when a upgrade breaks the system. I just do a fresh install after five years.

Great that Ubuntu works for you! Manjaro is way way stable than Antergos. Unfortunately or not, there is a reason that project is shutdown.

Also, last week? Hope you know that Antergos project got shutdown! The update could be their transition move to make them into vanilla arch which will use Arch repos AFAIK. I am glad that the devs are doing that as a transition thing, but damn, do you really think that is honestly a great way to assess yay package? :slight_smile:

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