Zoom Screen sharing issue

Hello I am new to Manjaro KDE one of my friends recomended it to me. (sorry my english is bad)
I am having a issue, when I share my screen in zoom the other guys cant see it they say, they see the desktop only when I have selected another application and they see a flickering screen
How can I fix this I have tried so many things .
Please HELP.

My pc specs are
Inspiron 1440
3 Gb RAM
290Gb HardDisk
Display controller Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller

Today, I discovered I'm having this exact problem. I'm using the Zoom version 2.8.252201.0616. I also tried downloading and installing directly from the Zoom download page and it was the exact some version that's in the AUR. The screen is flickering like ■■■■■■ said, but the flickering is displaying the window below the top shared window. If no other window exists below the top window, you will see the desktop wallpaper. Note that the person doing the sharing does not see this problem, only the guest who is viewing the screen share. Also, this problem does not happen on Ubuntu any version up to and including 19.04. Unfortunately, I require screen sharing a lot at work everyday, so this is a real disappointment for me and might be thing that make me go away from an otherwise amazing distro. So, if anyone has an idea of things to try solve this, please let us know.

Manjaro Gnome
ThinkPad T470s
Integrated Intel Graphics Controller.

Sorry OP... looks like when I referenced your name in my response, it blocked your name out because your name contains a "bad word" in English. Too funny :slight_smile:

This issue has been solved for me. Today there was a Zoom update in the AUR to version 2.8.264592.0714 (July 14). The flickering I had using the 0616 (August 16) version is now gone.