Zoom crashes when screen share is clicked

I’m able to log in to Zoom and start a meeting, but when I click the button for sharing the screen, the app crashes and it happens over and over again when I try again. Could this be because I’m using the stable branch? Is there an update pending that will fix this?

AUR packages are not for Manjaro to udpate.
In case zoom requires newer package that might be available only in unstable since is fast sync with Arch Linux, then probably that will help either by you switching to unstable or wait till those hit stable. In either case, zoom will require a rebuild like any other AUR package after a system update.

See the latest comments on the AUR page. This isn’t related to manjaro. Are you able to downgrade zoom to 5.8.x versions? https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/zoom#comment-854744

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