ZFS pools do not load during boot (manually importing works)

This most recent update really bombed out kernel 6.1 and forced me to backtrack to 5.15, which is a whole other story. I was forced to remove 6.1 and reinstall it. Now when the system boots, it hangs on the zfs hook and errors with ‘The ZFS modules are not loaded.’ The boot process continues, dumps me at the sddm login, where I cannot log in because there are no home directories.

I shell out and login and am able to zpool import all the pools no problem. Log in works, everything works. But the system will not load zfs at boot time. Outside of just updating my system, I’ve made no changes to any configurations.


Try to install linux-61-zfs instead zfs-dkms, because zfs-dkms often breaks compatibility with current latest version of Kernel. But I believe that linux-61-zfs requires some specific path-versions of Kernel 6.1. (not all path-versions of 6.1)

PS: I don’t use ZFS on my main system, but my idea was to have two separate Linux kernels running in parallel on my same computer. The second Kernel LTS with ZFS module zfs-linux-lts runs on KVM/QEMU to access my ZFS pool on my two external physical disks for NAS. That means I have two systems, both communicate with each other via NFS and SSH without any problems.