ZFS on RPI 4

I would like to build NAS with Raspberry Pi 4 with 4Gb RAM

For that, and to be great, better with zfs, and of course i have 2 4Tb drives to be in "mirror".

As you have zfs packages for x86_64 can we have for arm64?

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PS. of course i would like to test :wink:

That's not a lot of RAM for a ZFS-backed NAS.

zfs-dkms should be available already and worth trying.

Welle said :wink: but it is fair enough for 4tb, maybe 8tb maximum :wink:

I try and report :wink:

Best regards

Not available the zfs-dkms :frowning:
Any advice?

Best regards

zfs-dkms is in the AUR...

yes, built :wink:

now zfs-utils is the problem....

configure: error: cannot guess build type; you must specify one

There is an open issue report in the ZFS On Linux github here regarding that. :man_shrugging:

I built and installed the zfs-dkms-git-2019.09.27.r5421.g7bb0c2946-1 package from AUR this mourning with out any issues.

Assuming you installed the linux-rpi4-headers package I noticed that there was not any depends in the AUR zfs-dkms package PKGBUILD declared. The one package that stuck out to me was lsb-release that was in the zfs-dkms-git package PKGBUILD as a depend not to mention zfs-utils-git was not there as well.

Here is my built packages and their modified PKGBUILDS that reflects the aarch64 architecture.

Upgrade your kernel and it's headers to the latest if you have not done so to 4.19.75-1-MANJARO-ARM:


Install zfs-utils-git-2019.09.27.r5421.g7bb0c2946-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.xz first
Then zfs-dkms-git-2019.09.27.r5421.g7bb0c2946-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.xz

Be advised that it took 15 1/2 minutes here to install the zfs-dkms-git package.


It will also take the same 15 minutes after a kernel upgrade on reboot while DKMS rebuilds the modules.

(2/2) Install DKMS modules
==> dkms install zfs/git -k 4.19.75-1-MANJARO-ARM
real	15m29.110s
user	17m9.977s
sys	6m29.719s
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