Zfs module support

Today the openzfs team published the next zfs release candidate: zfs 2.0.0

This will be a major step from current version 0.8.4 bringing a “Unified code base for Linux and FreeBSD”

@nightmare-2021, @philm:
When this new version is finally released and the packages are being made available for Manjaro
I kindly ask you to not drop the 0.8.4 version for the Manjaro kernels. Not everybody wants to upgrade his zfs pools right away with the newest zfs 2.0.0 release.

Thank you!

i will add , it require upgrade pool ZFS to version 2.00 ,
this is a rc release , and if only you have some disks empty ,
there is testing included



I started to test zfs-2.0.0-rc1 in a virtualbox with Manjaro stable and linux58. It compiles without any patches.

So far I just did basic tests (import, scrub, snapshots) and it works fine.

It is coming with new features and is asking to upgrade the pool but I did not upgrade yet:

[matthias@manjaro Downloads]$ zpool get all ztest | grep disabled
ztest  feature@redaction_bookmarks    disabled                       local
ztest  feature@redacted_datasets      disabled                       local
ztest  feature@bookmark_written       disabled                       local
ztest  feature@log_spacemap           disabled                       local
ztest  feature@livelist               disabled                       local
ztest  feature@device_rebuild         disabled                       local
ztest  feature@zstd_compress          disabled                       local