ZFS dkms available for linux515 but not for 514?

Under 5.15 kernel zfs works but 5.14 not. What to try?

$ uname -r

zpool command:

The ZFS modules are not loaded.
Try running '/sbin/modprobe zfs' as root to load them.

$ sudo /sbin/modprobe zfs
modprobe: FATAL: Module zfs not found in directory /lib/modules/5.14.18-1-MANJARO

$ pamac install linux514-zfs

Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...

To install (5):
  linux514-zfs  2.1.1-13                         extra  26,5 MB
  linux510-zfs  2.1.1-13                         extra  26,1 MB
  linux513-zfs  2.1.1-1                          extra  27,0 MB
  linux515-zfs  2.1.1-6                          extra  27,2 MB
  linux54-zfs   2.1.1-13                         extra  23,4 MB
To remove (1):
  zfs-dkms      2.1.1-1   (Conflicts With: zfs)  extra

Total download size: 130,2 MB
Total installed size: 132,8 MB
Total removed size: 67,5 MB

Apply transaction ? [y/N] N

Transaction cancelled.