Zerotier-one version 1.5.1 dups a core has been fixed please update package in repo

I’m new to Manjaro, quite old in Linux.
There is a bug going around relating to zerotier-one version 1.5.1, where it crashes with a coredump see: [FS#68177 : [zerotier-one] version 1.5.0 dumps a core](http://FS#68177: [zerotier-one] version 1.5.0 dumps a core)

The summary of the issue is that zerotier-one crashes when running on certain older intel cpu’s that lack a certain feature.
However I’ve already ran into the issue on two instances.

On the other hand I use zerotier-one to login remotely to other servers, so I can see where this could be a insidious bug.

I’ve resolved it by compiling the dev branch of the git repo for zero-tier but I can imagine more people are having this issue.

Please update if possible, there are details on it in the arch post.

It is not a Manjaro specific app, @felixonmars the Arch maintainer of the package should probably fix it.

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