Zathura pdf - viewing broken by update

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I use Zathura to read pdf - books / magazines on my RPI4. Today I installed Manjaro-Arm updates by pacman- Syyu and now zathura is not able to open the pdf - magazine I was reading before the update. Zathura throws an error when trying to read the pdf:

zathura: symbol lookup error: zathura: undefined symbol: girara_xdg_open_with_working_directory

My zathura and plugins versions are:

zathura 0.4.4-1
zathura-cb 0.1.8-1
zathura-djvu 0.2.8-1
zathura-pdf-mupdf 0.3.5-1
zathura-ps 0.2.6-1

I also tried removing zathura-pdf-mupdf plugin and replacing it with another plugin: zathura-pdf-poppler 0.2.9-1 but the behavior and error message stays the same.

There is an 7 year old Arch bug - report with similar behavior, maybe this issue is the same (plugins needs to be upgraded with zathura upgrades):

Addition: I have the old version of zathura in pacman cache and downgrading to it makes zathura work again: pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/zathura-0.4.3-3-aarch64.pkg.tar.xz

Updated my RPI4 today and now the new Zathura 0.4.4-1 works. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Not using Manjaro ARM but I had some issues with the latest update for Zathura too. Namely, zooming in and out with the mouse wheel + ctrl didn't give the expected results, it was inverted and inconsistent, as in it would zoom out to 10% and then down to 300% with the next mouse scroll.

Downgrading zathura itself didn't give any result, so I tried downgrading some of its dependencies that were recently updated. I'm only posting it here because downgrading girara from 0.3.3-1 to 1 0.3.2-1 gave me the same error:

zathura: symbol lookup error: zathura: undefined symbol: girara_xdg_open_with_working_directory

I ended up downgrading both zathura from 0.4.4-1 to 0.4.3-3 and girara from 0.3.3-1 to 1 0.3.2-1, and now it seems to work just fine. Not sure where should I report this bug though.

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