YT video - Why Microsoft partners with rivals (Linux, PlayStation, Chromium, etc.)

Since the topic is close to our heart and is already being discussed by many on many occasions, I thought I present this interesting and thought-provoking video:


Most people have a very simple understanding of how the market, or even companies work.
Companies partners with "rivals" all the time. Always have. Just like people.

I'm interested to see what comes of the Samsung and AMD partnership. Samsung have partnered with AMD to work on scalable GPU for ultra low power devices they are working on. Not only will this have interesting benefits for mobile gaming and media decoding but also this partnership will ultimately benefit the other markets AMD fabricate chips including PC and console hardware as quite frankly they need to work on power efficiency there too. Who doesn't want cooler running console GPU (or more powerful but the same temperature) and equally more efficient gaming rigs? 7nm architecture is a step in the right direction for PC hardware but with Samsung's IP regarding power circuitry combined with AMD's IP that's got to be exciting news for the future.



I often wonder if this is something Microsoft still keeps close to the chest.
Sadly, so much of YT is alarmist stuff from people who are clueless looking for views. Not saying the vid you linked was that but I've seen a bunch of YT stuff talking about this that was "Sky=fall"