You must have ... development headers installed to build?

You must have GTK+ 2.0 (version 2.24 or above) and GLib 2.0 (version 2.22
or above) development headers installed to build.
If you have these installed already you may need to install pkg-config so
that they can be located.

Is this a kernel header?
How can I see if I have these installed these headers and how can I install them?

Trying to build “artha” from aur.

Try installing pkgconf and build the package again. Those gtk2 headers file come with glib2 but that should be installed by default.

Thank you, that sorted it out.
To understand what just happend is there somehting I can read up on?
I’m curios about what just happend.
Also, why pkgconf and not pkg-config as in the error message.
I only found pkg-config-git and that was in AUR.

There’s no particular guide that can help you. It’s mostly experience as well as learning better ways for finding the solution.

For example, first go to the comments on the package’s AUR page. That might lead you to the solution. If not that, then, issues on its source/GitHub.

Search for the package name with Google. Something like “pkg-config arch” in this case. Mostly, the name is equivalent to the similar .debs and .rpms.

You’re missing the base-devel meta package which includes pkgconf.

pkgconf is the name of the package while pkg-config is the name of the binary.


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Thanks for the excellent reply.
Is there a way to end up in base-devel if I get the error pkg-config?

Like some kind of reverse search that shows that base-devel contains pkgconf witch contains pkg-config?

Also is there a way to see what development headers I have installed? Is it c programming header files we are talking about? How could I find them?

❯ pacman -Si base-devel | grep 'Depends On'
Depends On      : archlinux-keyring  autoconf  automake  binutils  bison  debugedit  fakeroot  file  findutils  flex  gawk  gcc  gettext  grep  groff  gzip  libtool  m4  make  manjaro-keyring  pacman  patch  pkgconf  sed  sudo  texinfo  which
❯ pacman -F /usr/bin/pkg-config
usr/bin/pkg-config is owned by core/pkgconf 1.8.1-1

See also the man page (web version):

man pacman

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