Yay -S anki, conflicting files

Trying to install anki from aur results in error pointing to “six”

I “sudo pacman -S qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg” before “yay -S anki” and the result is the same minus the warning.

yay -S anki                                                                   ✔  47s  
:: There are 2 providers available for cargo:
:: Repository extra
    1) rust 
:: Repository community
    2) rustup 

Enter a number (default=1): 
==> 2
AUR Explicit (1): anki-2.1.61-1
Sync Dependency (11): python-waitress-2.1.2-1, python-orjson-3.8.9-1, python-pyqt6-webengine-6.4.0-1, qt6-multimedia-6.4.3-1, python-protobuf-21.12-1, python-pysocks-1.7.1-7, python-flask-cors-3.0.10-4, python-beautifulsoup4-4.11.2-1, python-decorator-5.1.1-2, python-send2trash-1.8.0-3, python-markdown-3.4.3-1
Sync Make Dependency (5): ninja-1.11.1-2, nodejs-19.8.1-1, rustup-1.25.2-1, libxcrypt-compat-4.4.33-1, python-installer-0.7.0-1
:: PKGBUILD up to date, skipping download: anki
  1 anki                                     (Build Files Exist)
==> Packages to cleanBuild?
==> [N]one [A]ll [Ab]ort [I]nstalled [No]tInstalled or (1 2 3, 1-3, ^4)
==> N
  1 anki                                     (Build Files Exist)
==> Diffs to show?
==> [N]one [A]ll [Ab]ort [I]nstalled [No]tInstalled or (1 2 3, 1-3, ^4)
==> N
==> Making package: anki 2.1.61-1 (tor 20 apr 2023 15:54:38)
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Updating anki git repo...
  -> Found no-update.patch
==> Validating source files with sha256sums...
    anki ... Skipped
    no-update.patch ... Passed
==> Verifying source file signatures with gpg...
    anki git repo ... Passed
:: Remove make dependencies after install? [y/N] y
:: (1/1) Parsing SRCINFO: anki
pub   rsa4096 2018-09-16 [C]
uid           [ unknown] Anki Signatures <gpg@ankiweb.net>
sub   rsa4096 2018-09-16 [S]

resolving dependencies...
:: There are 2 providers available for qt6-multimedia-backend:
:: Repository extra
   1) qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg  2) qt6-multimedia-gstreamer

Enter a number (default=1): 1
looking for conflicting packages...
warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg will be installed before its qt6-multimedia dependency

Packages (28) python-click-8.1.3-1  python-flask-2.2.2-1  python-itsdangerous-2.1.2-2  python-pyqt6-6.4.2-1
              python-pyqt6-sip-13.4.1-1  python-six-1.16.0-6  python-soupsieve-2.4-1  python-werkzeug-2.2.3-1
              qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg-6.4.3-1  qt6-positioning-6.4.3-1  qt6-webchannel-6.4.3-1  qt6-webengine-6.4.3-1
              libxcrypt-compat-4.4.33-1  ninja-1.11.1-2  nodejs-19.8.1-1  python-beautifulsoup4-4.11.2-1  python-decorator-5.1.1-2
              python-flask-cors-3.0.10-4  python-installer-0.7.0-1  python-markdown-3.4.3-1  python-orjson-3.8.9-1
              python-protobuf-21.12-1  python-pyqt6-webengine-6.4.0-1  python-pysocks-1.7.1-7  python-send2trash-1.8.0-3
              python-waitress-2.1.2-1  qt6-multimedia-6.4.3-1  rustup-1.25.2-1

Total Installed Size:  300,29 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n] y
(28/28) checking keys in keyring                                                [##############################################] 100%
(28/28) checking package integrity                                              [##############################################] 100%
(28/28) loading package files                                                   [##############################################] 100%
(28/28) checking for file conflicts                                             [##############################################] 100%
error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
python-six: /usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages/__pycache__/six.cpython-310.pyc exists in filesystem
python-six: /usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages/six.py exists in filesystem
Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.
error: could not set install reason for package python-waitress (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package python-pysocks (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package rustup (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package python-flask-cors (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package libxcrypt-compat (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package python-decorator (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package python-installer (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package python-pyqt6-webengine (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package ninja (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package nodejs (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package python-send2trash (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package python-orjson (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package qt6-multimedia (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package python-protobuf (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package python-beautifulsoup4 (could not find or read package)
error: could not set install reason for package python-markdown (could not find or read package)
 -> Failed to install layer, rolling up to next layer.error:error installing repo packages

looking in to what six is and if it is a dependency in the pip package system

Name: six
Version: 1.16.0
Summary: Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities
Home-page: https://github.com/benjaminp/six
Author: Benjamin Peterson
Author-email: benjamin@python.org
License: MIT
Location: /usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages

looking into if it is a dependency in the pacman package system

pacman -Qo /usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages/six.py
error: No package owns /usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages/six.py

since it seems to be an orphan, trying to remove it.

pip uninstall six                                                      INT ✘  2m 36s  
Found existing installation: six 1.16.0
Uninstalling six-1.16.0:
  Would remove:
Proceed (Y/n)? y
ERROR: Exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python3.10/shutil.py", line 816, in move
    os.rename(src, real_dst)
OSError: [Errno 18] Invalid cross-device link: '/usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages/__pycache__/six.cpython-310.pyc' -> '/tmp/pip-uninstall-zo2uj77w/six.cpython-310.pyc'

and so on...

What is wrong and how can I fix it?

Don’t use sudo with pip.

So how do I fix it?

If I have sudo pip installed packages, how can I find them?
Will ‘sudo pip uninstall package-name’ not remove all of what ‘sudo pip install package-name’ installed?
I have not activated any log.

all of the packages are owner root and I think most of the packages are from pacman or yay.

I have googled a lot but I have not found a solution on how to find the sudo installed package that I can uninstall to make the problem go away.

A question about moving forward. pipx and pip venv:
It seems like pipx creates an environment for each package, hence a lot of duplication in files. Also a package will not be able to use an other package as a dependency.
pip venv: you can create a virtual environment where all the packages can use each other as dependencies but the installed packages from yay and pacman will not be able to use the packages installed in the virtual environment as dependencies.
So if I install a python package (dependency) to support an installation with pacman I have to install it with ‘pip install’. I.e. install gns3-webclient-pack . The guide they say I should use ‘sudo pip install’. This is a support installation of the application GNS3. Is there anything about the communication between the installation of GNS3 and the webclient-pack that will break if I do not use sudo? I was thinking perhaps they have hardcoded the path to the application, then it will break if I do not use sudo?

Is this correct, do you know?

Never sync new packages using -S only - unless you know your system is 100% up-to-data

To have pip installed on your system - no need to suffix with version as only one python exist - Python 3.x

sudo pacman -Syu python-pip

Exploit the --user argument to pip install e.g.

 $ python -m pip install --user gns3-webclient-pack
Collecting gns3-webclient-pack
  Downloading gns3-webclient-pack-1.0.0b4.tar.gz (173 kB)
     ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 173.2/173.2 kB 7.1 MB/s eta 0:00:00
  Preparing metadata (setup.py) ... done
Requirement already satisfied: distro==1.8.0 in /usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages (from gns3-webclient-pack) (1.8.0)
Building wheels for collected packages: gns3-webclient-pack
  Building wheel for gns3-webclient-pack (setup.py) ... done
  Created wheel for gns3-webclient-pack: filename=gns3_webclient_pack-1.0.0b4-py3-none-any.whl size=168147 sha256=51e9a4f620936b663efe4b5967e38c2c3336e9648330fec8cee23df494491b3a
  Stored in directory: /home/fh/.cache/pip/wheels/12/9e/f2/5db9ca3b35832985c8b24d7aabcb3612dbbc78e457f0e7df90
Successfully built gns3-webclient-pack
Installing collected packages: gns3-webclient-pack
Successfully installed gns3-webclient-pack-1.0.0b4

Also check what is available using AUR - as those will be installed using the package manager and thus tracked and conflicts are avoided.

A second note is on GNS3 - as the general recommandation is use a virtual machine - and not your workstation.

The webclient README also contains instruction to use sudo npm -g - this is also a source of problem when using Manjaro.

In fact a lot of things works differently on Manjaro (actually on any Arch based distribution).

This is primarily due to the K.I.S.S principle (there can be only one version of any given library) and as such you should carefully convert Ubuntu or Fedora instructions to Manjaro equivalents - taking into account how pacman with libalpm handles the system dependencies.

For the same of clarification I have executed an installation of anki with no issues.

 $ pamac build anki
Checking anki dependencies...
Choose a provider for qt6-multimedia-backend:
1:  qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg     6.5.0-1  extra
2:  qt6-multimedia-gstreamer  6.5.0-1  extra

Enter a number (default=1): 1

Choose a provider for cargo:
1:  rust    1:1.69.0-3  extra
2:  rustup  1.26.0-1    community

Enter a number (default=1): 1

Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...
Warning: dependency cycle detected:
Warning: qt6-multimedia will be installed before its qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg dependency

To install (30):
  python-werkzeug         2.2.3-1     (Required By: anki)  community  347,0 kB
  python-itsdangerous     2.1.2-2     (Required By: anki)  community  25,5 kB
  python-click            8.1.3-1     (Required By: anki)  community  158,5 kB
  python-flask            2.2.2-1     (Required By: anki)  community  144,7 kB
  python-six              1.16.0-6    (Required By: anki)  extra      23,8 kB
  python-flask-cors       3.0.10-4    (Required By: anki)  community  20,4 kB
  python-send2trash       1.8.0-3     (Required By: anki)  community  25,9 kB
  python-pyqt6-sip        13.5.1-1    (Required By: anki)  extra      70,2 kB
  ninja                   1.11.1-2    (Required By: anki)  community  148,9 kB
  python-installer        0.7.0-1     (Required By: anki)  community  117,5 kB
  python-protobuf         21.12-1     (Required By: anki)  extra      305,6 kB
  libxcrypt-compat        4.4.33-1    (Required By: anki)  core       69,8 kB
  qt6-positioning         6.5.0-1     (Required By: anki)  extra      374,2 kB
  python-pysocks          1.7.1-7     (Required By: anki)  community  27,7 kB
  python-attrs            22.2.0-1    (Required By: anki)  extra      87,2 kB
  python-pyrsistent       0.19.3-1    (Required By: anki)  community  98,3 kB
  python-jsonschema       4.17.3-1    (Required By: anki)  community  140,1 kB
  python-waitress         2.1.2-1     (Required By: anki)  community  84,3 kB
  python-pyqt6            6.5.0-1     (Required By: anki)  extra      4,3 MB
  python-markdown         3.4.3-1     (Required By: anki)  community  129,9 kB
  python-soupsieve        2.4-1       (Required By: anki)  community  66,2 kB
  qt6-webchannel          6.5.0-1     (Required By: anki)  extra      121,4 kB
  qt6-webengine           6.5.0-2     (Required By: anki)  extra      71,3 MB
  qt6-multimedia          6.5.0-1     (Required By: anki)  extra      945,0 kB
  qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg   6.5.0-1     (Required By: anki)  extra      136,7 kB
  python-beautifulsoup4   4.11.2-1    (Required By: anki)  community  207,6 kB
  python-orjson           3.8.10-1    (Required By: anki)  community  249,5 kB
  rust                    1:1.69.0-2  (Required By: anki)  extra      86,6 MB
  python-decorator        5.1.1-2     (Required By: anki)  community  16,6 kB
  python-pyqt6-webengine  6.5.0-1     (Required By: anki)  extra      122,8 kB
To build (1):
  anki                    2.1.61-1                         AUR

Total download size: 166,4 MB
Total installed size: 721,4 MB

Edit build files : [e] 
Apply transaction ? [e/y/N] y

Cloning anki build files...
Generating anki information...
The PGP key 814EA4E90C34AF39A712DE703F5566A2D16899FB is needed to verify anki source files.
Trust Anki Signatures <gpg@ankiweb.net> and import the PGP key ? [y/N] y
gpg: key 0x3F5566A2D16899FB: public key "Anki Signatures <gpg@ankiweb.net>" imported
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:               imported: 1

==== AUTHENTICATING FOR org.manjaro.pamac.commit ====
Authentication is required to install, update, or remove packages
Authenticating as: fh
Download of python-werkzeug (2.2.3-1) started                                                                 
Download of python-itsdangerous (2.1.2-2) started                                                             
Download of python-itsdangerous (2.1.2-2) finished                                                            
Download of python-flask (2.2.2-1) started                                                                    
Download of python-werkzeug (2.2.3-1) finished                                                                
Download of python-flask (2.2.2-1) finished                                                                   
Download of python-click (8.1.3-1) started                                                                    
Download of python-click (8.1.3-1) finished                                                                   
Download of python-six (1.16.0-6) started                                                                     
Download of python-six (1.16.0-6) finished                                                                    
Download of python-send2trash (1.8.0-3) started                                                               
Download of python-send2trash (1.8.0-3) finished                                                              
Download of python-flask-cors (3.0.10-4) started                                                              
Download of python-flask-cors (3.0.10-4) finished                                                             
Download of ninja (1.11.1-2) started                                                                          
Download of ninja (1.11.1-2) finished                                                                         
Download of python-installer (0.7.0-1) started                                                                
Download of python-installer (0.7.0-1) finished                                                               
Download of python-protobuf (21.12-1) started                                                                 
Download of python-soupsieve (2.4-1) started                                                                  
Download of python-soupsieve (2.4-1) finished                                                                 
Download of python-pyqt6-sip (13.5.1-1) started                                                               
Download of python-pyqt6-sip (13.5.1-1) finished                                                              
Download of python-protobuf (21.12-1) finished                                                                
Download of python-beautifulsoup4 (4.11.2-1) started                                                          
Download of python-beautifulsoup4 (4.11.2-1) finished                                                         
Download of qt6-webchannel (6.5.0-1) started                                                                  
Download of qt6-webchannel (6.5.0-1) finished                                                                 
Download of python-attrs (22.2.0-1) started                                                                   
Download of python-attrs (22.2.0-1) finished                                                                  
Download of qt6-webengine (6.5.0-2) started                                                                   
Download of python-pyrsistent (0.19.3-1) started                                                              
Download of python-pyrsistent (0.19.3-1) finished                                                             
Download of qt6-positioning (6.5.0-1) started                                                                 
Download of qt6-positioning (6.5.0-1) finished                                                                
Download of python-pysocks (1.7.1-7) started                                                                  
Download of python-pysocks (1.7.1-7) finished                                                                 
Download of python-jsonschema (4.17.3-1) started                                                              
Download of python-jsonschema (4.17.3-1) finished                                                             
Download of python-pyqt6 (6.5.0-1) started                                                                    
Download of python-pyqt6 (6.5.0-1) finished                                                                   
Download of python-waitress (2.1.2-1) started                                                                 
Download of python-waitress (2.1.2-1) finished                                                                
Download of rust (1:1.69.0-3) started                                                                         
Download of qt6-webengine (6.5.0-2) finished                                                                  
Download of python-decorator (5.1.1-2) started                                                                
Download of python-decorator (5.1.1-2) finished                                                               
Download of python-markdown (3.4.3-1) started                                                                 
Download of python-markdown (3.4.3-1) finished                                                                
Download of qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg (6.5.0-1) started                                                           
Download of qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg (6.5.0-1) finished                                                          
Download of qt6-multimedia (6.5.0-1) started                                                                  
Download of qt6-multimedia (6.5.0-1) finished                                                                 
Download of python-pyqt6-webengine (6.5.0-1) started                                                          
Download of python-pyqt6-webengine (6.5.0-1) finished                                                         
Download of python-orjson (3.8.11-1) started                                                                  
Download of python-orjson (3.8.11-1) finished                                                                 
Download of libxcrypt-compat (4.4.33-1) started                                                               
Download of libxcrypt-compat (4.4.33-1) finished                                                              
Download of rust (1:1.69.0-3) finished                                                                        
Checking keyring...                                                                                    [30/30]
Checking integrity...                                                                                  [30/30]
Loading packages files...                                                                              [30/30]
Checking file conflicts...                                                                             [30/30]
Checking available disk space...                                                                       [30/30]
Installing python-werkzeug (2.2.3-1)...                                                                 [1/30]
Installing python-itsdangerous (2.1.2-2)...                                                             [2/30]
Installing python-click (8.1.3-1)...                                                                    [3/30]
Installing python-flask (2.2.2-1)...                                                                    [4/30]
Installing python-six (1.16.0-6)...                                                                     [5/30]
Installing python-flask-cors (3.0.10-4)...                                                              [6/30]
Installing python-send2trash (1.8.0-3)...                                                               [7/30]
Installing python-pyqt6-sip (13.5.1-1)...                                                               [8/30]
Installing ninja (1.11.1-2)...                                                                          [9/30]
Installing python-installer (0.7.0-1)...                                                               [10/30]
Installing python-protobuf (21.12-1)...                                                                [11/30]
Installing python-soupsieve (2.4-1)...                                                                 [12/30]
Installing python-beautifulsoup4 (4.11.2-1)...                                                         [13/30]
Installing qt6-webchannel (6.5.0-1)...                                                                 [14/30]
Installing qt6-positioning (6.5.0-1)...                                                                [15/30]
Installing qt6-webengine (6.5.0-2)...                                                                  [16/30]
Installing python-attrs (22.2.0-1)...                                                                  [17/30]
Installing python-pyrsistent (0.19.3-1)...                                                             [18/30]
Installing python-jsonschema (4.17.3-1)...                                                             [19/30]
Installing python-pysocks (1.7.1-7)...                                                                 [20/30]
Installing python-pyqt6 (6.5.0-1)...                                                                   [21/30]
Installing rust (1:1.69.0-3)...                                                                        [22/30]
Installing python-waitress (2.1.2-1)...                                                                [23/30]
Installing python-decorator (5.1.1-2)...                                                               [24/30]
Installing python-markdown (3.4.3-1)...                                                                [25/30]
Installing qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg (6.5.0-1)...                                                          [26/30]
Installing qt6-multimedia (6.5.0-1)...                                                                 [27/30]
Installing python-pyqt6-webengine (6.5.0-1)...                                                         [28/30]
Installing python-orjson (3.8.11-1)...                                                                 [29/30]
Installing libxcrypt-compat (4.4.33-1)...                                                              [30/30]
Running post-transaction hooks...
Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate...                                                                           [1/2]
Refreshing PackageKit...                                                                                 [2/2]

Building anki...
==> Making package: anki 2.1.61-1 (søn 30 apr 2023 12:08:24 CEST)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Cloning anki git repo...
Cloning into bare repository '/var/tmp/pamac-build-fh/anki/anki'...
remote: Enumerating objects: 148496, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (721/721), done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (361/361), done.
remote: Total 148496 (delta 388), reused 591 (delta 358), pack-reused 147775
Receiving objects: 100% (148496/148496), 75.26 MiB | 12.13 MiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (116651/116651), done.
  -> Found no-update.patch
==> Validating source files with sha256sums...
    anki ... Skipped
    no-update.patch ... Passed
==> Verifying source file signatures with gpg...
    anki git repo ... Passed
==> Removing existing $srcdir/ directory...
==> Extracting sources...
  -> Creating working copy of anki git repo...
Cloning into 'anki'...
Switched to a new branch 'makepkg'
==> Starting prepare()...
patching file qt/aqt/update.py
==> Starting pkgver()...
==> Starting build()...
    Updating git repository `https://github.com/ankitects/rust-csv.git`
    Updating crates.io index
    Updating git repository `https://github.com/ankitects/linkcheck.git`
  Downloaded backtrace v0.3.67
  Downloaded form_urlencoded v1.1.0
  Downloaded cpufeatures v0.2.5
  Downloaded jobserver v0.1.25
  Downloaded h2 v0.3.15
  Downloaded hmac v0.12.1
  Downloaded futures-task v0.3.25
  Downloaded cc v1.0.78
  Downloaded tower-service v0.3.2
  Downloaded constant_time_eq v0.1.5
  Downloaded is-terminal v0.4.2
  Downloaded autocfg v1.1.0
  Downloaded block-buffer v0.10.3
  Downloaded phf_shared v0.11.1
  Downloaded pbkdf2 v0.11.0
  Downloaded zstd-safe v6.0.2+zstd.1.5.2
  Downloaded either v1.8.0
  Downloaded bzip2 v0.4.4
  Downloaded futures-sink v0.3.25
  Downloaded subtle v2.4.1
  Downloaded futures-macro v0.3.25
  Downloaded opaque-debug v0.3.0
  Downloaded sha1 v0.10.5
  Downloaded itoa v1.0.5
  Downloaded prost v0.11.6
  Downloaded once_cell v1.17.0
  Downloaded zstd-safe v5.0.2+zstd.1.5.2
  Downloaded tokio-macros v1.8.2
  Downloaded generic-array v0.14.6
  Downloaded os_str_bytes v6.4.1
  Downloaded futures-core v0.3.25
  Downloaded termcolor v1.2.0
  Downloaded junction v0.2.0
  Downloaded zstd v0.11.2+zstd.1.5.2
  Downloaded tracing-attributes v0.1.23
  Downloaded crypto-common v0.1.6
  Downloaded clap_derive v4.1.0
  Downloaded getrandom v0.1.16
  Downloaded snafu-derive v0.7.4
  Downloaded sha2 v0.10.6
  Downloaded rustc-demangle v0.1.21
  Downloaded password-hash v0.4.2
  Downloaded quote v1.0.23
  Downloaded proc-macro-error-attr v1.0.4
  Downloaded pin-project-lite v0.2.9
  Downloaded zstd v0.12.2+zstd.1.5.2
  Downloaded digest v0.10.6
  Downloaded prost-derive v0.11.6
  Downloaded base64ct v1.5.3
  Downloaded parking_lot_core v0.9.6
  Downloaded crossbeam-utils v0.8.14
  Downloaded time-macros v0.2.6
  Downloaded indexmap v1.9.2
  Downloaded anyhow v1.0.68
  Downloaded doc-comment v0.3.3
  Downloaded typenum v1.16.0
  Downloaded io-lifetimes v1.0.4
  Downloaded camino v1.1.2
  Downloaded httpdate v1.0.2
  Downloaded try-lock v0.2.4
  Downloaded rand_chacha v0.3.1
  Downloaded cfg-if v1.0.0
  Downloaded want v0.3.0
  Downloaded scopeguard v1.1.0
  Downloaded pin-utils v0.1.0
  Downloaded mio v0.8.5
  Downloaded parking_lot v0.12.1
  Downloaded ryu v1.0.12
  Downloaded unicode-ident v1.0.6
  Downloaded rand_chacha v0.2.2
  Downloaded tinyvec_macros v0.1.0
  Downloaded time-core v0.1.0
  Downloaded serde_derive v1.0.152
  Downloaded proc-macro2 v1.0.50
  Downloaded zip v0.6.3
  Downloaded adler v1.0.2
  Downloaded percent-encoding v2.2.0
  Downloaded rand_core v0.5.1
  Downloaded num_cpus v1.15.0
  Downloaded snafu v0.7.4
  Downloaded rand_pcg v0.2.1
  Downloaded siphasher v0.3.10
  Downloaded rand_core v0.6.4
  Downloaded signal-hook-registry v1.4.0
  Downloaded futures-io v0.3.25
  Downloaded bitflags v1.3.2
  Downloaded pkg-config v0.3.26
  Downloaded slab v0.4.7
  Downloaded heck v0.4.0
  Downloaded bytes v1.3.0
  Downloaded serde v1.0.152
  Downloaded futures-channel v0.3.25
  Downloaded ppv-lite86 v0.2.17
  Downloaded http-body v0.4.5
  Downloaded addr2line v0.19.0
  Downloaded fnv v1.0.7
  Downloaded lock_api v0.4.9
  Downloaded log v0.4.17
  Downloaded getrandom v0.2.8
  Downloaded proc-macro-error v1.0.4
  Downloaded strsim v0.10.0
  Downloaded unicode-bidi v0.3.8
  Downloaded crc32fast v1.3.2
  Downloaded httparse v1.8.0
  Downloaded socket2 v0.4.7
  Downloaded byteorder v1.4.3
  Downloaded ahash v0.7.6
  Downloaded tinyvec v1.6.0
  Downloaded smallvec v1.10.0
  Downloaded miniz_oxide v0.6.2
  Downloaded num-traits v0.2.15
  Downloaded version_check v0.9.4
  Downloaded tokio-util v0.7.4
  Downloaded aho-corasick v0.7.20
  Downloaded url v2.3.1
  Downloaded time v0.3.17
  Downloaded flate2 v1.0.25
  Downloaded memchr v2.5.0
  Downloaded tracing-core v0.1.30
  Downloaded tracing v0.1.37
  Downloaded http v0.2.8
  Downloaded aes v0.7.5
  Downloaded rand v0.8.5
  Downloaded itertools v0.10.5
  Downloaded hashbrown v0.12.3
  Downloaded rand v0.7.3
  Downloaded serde_json v1.0.91
  Downloaded futures-util v0.3.25
  Downloaded unicode-normalization v0.1.22
  Downloaded hyper v0.14.23
  Downloaded clap v4.1.1
  Downloaded syn v1.0.107
  Downloaded regex v1.7.1
  Downloaded object v0.30.2
  Downloaded idna v0.3.0
  Downloaded rustix v0.36.6
  Downloaded regex-syntax v0.6.28
  Downloaded gimli v0.27.0
  Downloaded cipher v0.3.0
  Downloaded clap_lex v0.3.1
  Downloaded bzip2-sys v0.1.11+1.0.8
  Downloaded tokio v1.24.2
  Downloaded zstd-sys v2.0.5+zstd.1.5.2
  Downloaded linux-raw-sys v0.1.4
  Downloaded libc v0.2.139
  Downloaded 145 crates (10.9 MB) in 1.28s
   Compiling cfg-if v1.0.0
   Compiling libc v0.2.139
   Compiling version_check v0.9.4
   Compiling proc-macro2 v1.0.50
   Compiling quote v1.0.23
   Compiling unicode-ident v1.0.6
   Compiling syn v1.0.107
   Compiling autocfg v1.1.0
   Compiling pkg-config v0.3.26
   Compiling memchr v2.5.0
   Compiling typenum v1.16.0
   Compiling getrandom v0.1.16
   Compiling log v0.4.17
   Compiling ppv-lite86 v0.2.17
   Compiling once_cell v1.17.0
   Compiling bytes v1.3.0
   Compiling itoa v1.0.5
   Compiling parking_lot_core v0.9.6
   Compiling pin-project-lite v0.2.9
   Compiling subtle v2.4.1
   Compiling serde_derive v1.0.152
   Compiling futures-core v0.3.25
   Compiling serde v1.0.152
   Compiling scopeguard v1.1.0
   Compiling anyhow v1.0.68
   Compiling smallvec v1.10.0
   Compiling adler v1.0.2
   Compiling futures-sink v0.3.25
   Compiling futures-channel v0.3.25
   Compiling time-core v0.1.0
   Compiling futures-task v0.3.25
   Compiling cpufeatures v0.2.5
   Compiling either v1.8.0
   Compiling time-macros v0.2.6
   Compiling miniz_oxide v0.6.2
   Compiling tracing-core v0.1.30
   Compiling tinyvec_macros v0.1.0
   Compiling zstd-safe v5.0.2+zstd.1.5.2
   Compiling futures-util v0.3.25
   Compiling itertools v0.10.5
   Compiling fnv v1.0.7
   Compiling io-lifetimes v1.0.4
   Compiling heck v0.4.0
   Compiling serde_json v1.0.91
   Compiling crc32fast v1.3.2
   Compiling http v0.2.8
   Compiling tinyvec v1.6.0
   Compiling regex-syntax v0.6.28
   Compiling doc-comment v0.3.3
   Compiling rustix v0.36.6
   Compiling pin-utils v0.1.0
   Compiling gimli v0.27.0
   Compiling aho-corasick v0.7.20
   Compiling siphasher v0.3.10
   Compiling zstd-safe v6.0.2+zstd.1.5.2
   Compiling generic-array v0.14.6
   Compiling ahash v0.7.6
   Compiling jobserver v0.1.25
   Compiling getrandom v0.2.8
   Compiling indexmap v1.9.2
   Compiling lock_api v0.4.9
   Compiling tokio v1.24.2
   Compiling slab v0.4.7
   Compiling cc v1.0.78
   Compiling rand_core v0.5.1
   Compiling rand_core v0.6.4
   Compiling proc-macro-error-attr v1.0.4
   Compiling rand_chacha v0.3.1
   Compiling hashbrown v0.12.3
   Compiling rand_chacha v0.2.2
   Compiling rand_pcg v0.2.1
   Compiling proc-macro-error v1.0.4
   Compiling ryu v1.0.12
   Compiling futures-io v0.3.25
   Compiling num_cpus v1.15.0
   Compiling parking_lot v0.12.1
   Compiling mio v0.8.5
   Compiling signal-hook-registry v1.4.0
   Compiling socket2 v0.4.7
   Compiling httparse v1.8.0
   Compiling base64ct v1.5.3
   Compiling rand v0.8.5
   Compiling regex v1.7.1
   Compiling rand v0.7.3
   Compiling password-hash v0.4.2
   Compiling unicode-normalization v0.1.22
   Compiling num-traits v0.2.15
   Compiling crypto-common v0.1.6
   Compiling block-buffer v0.10.3
   Compiling cipher v0.3.0
   Compiling phf_shared v0.11.1
   Compiling digest v0.10.6
   Compiling object v0.30.2
   Compiling rustc-demangle v0.1.21
   Compiling bitflags v1.3.2
   Compiling sha2 v0.10.6
   Compiling hmac v0.12.1
   Compiling crossbeam-utils v0.8.14
   Compiling try-lock v0.2.4
   Compiling unicode-bidi v0.3.8
   Compiling addr2line v0.19.0
   Compiling linux-raw-sys v0.1.4
   Compiling opaque-debug v0.3.0
   Compiling percent-encoding v2.2.0
   Compiling idna v0.3.0
   Compiling pbkdf2 v0.11.0
   Compiling aes v0.7.5
   Compiling form_urlencoded v1.1.0
   Compiling want v0.3.0
   Compiling sha1 v0.10.5
   Compiling time v0.3.17
   Compiling flate2 v1.0.25
   Compiling http-body v0.4.5
   Compiling tower-service v0.3.2
   Compiling constant_time_eq v0.1.5
   Compiling os_str_bytes v6.4.1
   Compiling camino v1.1.2
   Compiling httpdate v1.0.2
   Compiling byteorder v1.4.3
   Compiling clap_lex v0.3.1
   Compiling termcolor v1.2.0
   Compiling runner v0.0.0 (/var/tmp/pamac-build-fh/anki/src/anki/build/runner)
   Compiling strsim v0.10.0
   Compiling junction v0.2.0
   Compiling zstd-sys v2.0.5+zstd.1.5.2
   Compiling bzip2-sys v0.1.11+1.0.8
   Compiling backtrace v0.3.67
   Compiling is-terminal v0.4.2
   Compiling bzip2 v0.4.4
   Compiling tokio-macros v1.8.2
   Compiling tracing-attributes v0.1.23
   Compiling prost-derive v0.11.6
   Compiling futures-macro v0.3.25
   Compiling snafu-derive v0.7.4
   Compiling clap_derive v4.1.0
   Compiling zstd v0.11.2+zstd.1.5.2
   Compiling zstd v0.12.2+zstd.1.5.2
   Compiling zip v0.6.3
   Compiling prost v0.11.6
   Compiling tracing v0.1.37
   Compiling clap v4.1.1
   Compiling snafu v0.7.4
   Compiling tokio-util v0.7.4
   Compiling h2 v0.3.15
   Compiling url v2.3.1
   Compiling hyper v0.14.23
   Compiling workspace-hack v0.1.0 (/var/tmp/pamac-build-fh/anki/src/anki/tools/workspace-hack)
    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 59.99s
  Downloaded same-file v1.0.6
  Downloaded walkdir v2.3.3
  Downloaded lazy_static v1.4.0
  Downloaded which v4.3.0
  Downloaded bstr v1.1.0
  Downloaded globset v0.4.10
  Downloaded maplit v1.0.2
  Downloaded 7 crates (426.1 KB) in 0.84s
   Compiling parking_lot_core v0.9.6
   Compiling socket2 v0.4.7
   Compiling mio v0.8.5
   Compiling ahash v0.7.6
   Compiling signal-hook-registry v1.4.0
   Compiling num_cpus v1.15.0
   Compiling zstd-sys v2.0.5+zstd.1.5.2
   Compiling password-hash v0.4.2
   Compiling bzip2-sys v0.1.11+1.0.8
   Compiling backtrace v0.3.67
   Compiling bstr v1.1.0
   Compiling same-file v1.0.6
   Compiling which v4.3.0
   Compiling maplit v1.0.2
   Compiling lazy_static v1.4.0
   Compiling bzip2 v0.4.4
   Compiling walkdir v2.3.3
   Compiling zstd-safe v5.0.2+zstd.1.5.2
   Compiling zstd-safe v6.0.2+zstd.1.5.2
   Compiling parking_lot v0.12.1
   Compiling hashbrown v0.12.3
   Compiling pbkdf2 v0.11.0
   Compiling zstd v0.11.2+zstd.1.5.2
   Compiling zstd v0.12.2+zstd.1.5.2
   Compiling tokio v1.24.2
   Compiling globset v0.4.10
   Compiling snafu v0.7.4
   Compiling zip v0.6.3
   Compiling indexmap v1.9.2
   Compiling tokio-util v0.7.4
   Compiling h2 v0.3.15
   Compiling hyper v0.14.23
   Compiling workspace-hack v0.1.0 (/var/tmp/pamac-build-fh/anki/src/anki/tools/workspace-hack)
   Compiling ninja_gen v0.0.0 (/var/tmp/pamac-build-fh/anki/src/anki/build/ninja_gen)
   Compiling configure v0.0.0 (/var/tmp/pamac-build-fh/anki/src/anki/build/configure)
    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 11.64s
     Running `out/rust/debug/configure`
[76/76; 1 active; 103.471s] wheels:anki

Build succeeded.
wheels are in out/wheels
==> Entering fakeroot environment...
==> Starting package()...
==> Tidying install...
  -> Removing libtool files...
  -> Purging unwanted files...
  -> Removing static library files...
  -> Stripping unneeded symbols from binaries and libraries...
  -> Compressing man and info pages...
==> Checking for packaging issues...
==> WARNING: Package contains reference to $srcdir
==> Creating package "anki"...
  -> Generating .PKGINFO file...
  -> Generating .BUILDINFO file...
  -> Generating .MTREE file...
  -> Compressing package...
==> Leaving fakeroot environment.
==> Finished making: anki 2.1.61-1 (søn 30 apr 2023 12:11:31 CEST)
==> Cleaning up...

Checking keyring...                                                                                                           [1/1]
Checking integrity...                                                                                                         [1/1]
Loading packages files...                                                                                                     [1/1]
Checking file conflicts...                                                                                                    [1/1]
Checking available disk space...                                                                                              [1/1]
Installing anki (2.1.61-1)...                                                                                                 [1/1]
Running post-transaction hooks...
Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate...                                                                                                [1/3]
Refreshing PackageKit...                                                                                                      [2/3]
Updating the desktop file MIME type cache...                                                                                  [3/3]
Transaction successfully finished.

A fast check in /usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages with
pacman -Qo * | grep error
gives me that:
error: No package owns pyflakes
error: No package owns pyflakes-3.0.1.dist-info
error: No package owns six-1.16.0.dist-info
error: No package owns six.py

I do not think I manually installed any of these packages.
pyflake is a program that checks .py files for errors.
six is a compatibility library.
I do not know how to check what package could have install them or if they are important.
Suggestions on that would be appreciated.

So I uninstalled both of the packages and could install anki.
I do not know why I could not uninstall six before.
Looking back at my first post, perhaps I did not use “sudo pip uninstall” or now I did uninstall pyflakes before I uninstalled six.

On the note about GNS3, why is it prefered to use the vm install?
I could not get the vm working properly. I.e. the terminals could not open in in xfce and importing appliance did not work. Both probably a settings error, I did not spend a lot of time researching it but I could not find information on how to make it work.
Some tutorials for linux uses GNS3 installed locally and what I could read form the GNS3 documentation, it is recommended for non linux users to use the vm but for linux users you get one layer less and performance becomes better on a local install.
Could you elaborate why you think the vm is better?

Also, what is the difference between “pip install --user” and “pip install”. For me pip install ends up under ~/.local …

Thanks for all the help.

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