Yay re-downloads all sources on retry when one package install in a list failed

Yay seems to erase all sources after a failure in one of the packages. At least it downloads them again at a new try. That is not needed and time consuming.

I install a list of packages sourced from a text file. Yay goes to work, and downloads all sources of AUR packakes, then it starts compiling/installing them. Oops , one package fails… OK so I remove it from the list and try again. Now yay does the same thing again: it downloads all sources again. Some of these are in the Gbyte size category. I am assuming these files are already downloaded, but maybe they were erased on the failed attempt ?

I have not found a c.l. option to no re download sources. Only for pkgbuilds there are options.

Anyone have an idea of how to re use already downloaded sources?

I may have found it: Answerwing None to the question about cleanbuild is apparently the trick

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You can set a common source destination in /etc/makepkg.conf the field SRCDEST=

If you don’t want to edit as root you can copy makepkg.conf as .makepkg.conf in your home directory

Accasionally there could different sources clashes (i.e. v1.3.7.tar.gz, same name) because AUR packagers don’t follow best practice

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