Yay: How to get git diff?

So I’m trying to figure out why I can’t get a proper git diff to show in Yay
When upgrading packages, when it asks “Diffs to show?” I choose A.
But then I just get the whole pkgbuild instead of the couple lines that changed, like would on the aur website.
Am I doing something wrong?

Yay does not show the diffs you see on the AUR page. It create an own diff. It is important that the cache is not deleted after the package is build. Because the diff shows the changes from the last time the package was built until the recent checkout.

it’s weird. I feel like I’m not clearing the cache though…

Maybe it is on an tmp filesystem, that is cleared between boots. Only you know where you save your cache and can check if it is still there and if it every folder is a Git repository.

I don’t know what I’ve been doing wrong before (might have updated a couple times trough pamac(gui) a couple times instead of trough yay. Guess that might explain why the git diff couldn’t be created?
Either way, It’s working for some of the aur packages now. So it’s fine. Slowly they’ll all get proper difs

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