Yay downgrade/upgrade development package problems

Updated some of the yaru-colors packages to 21.04snap.r6.gdbcbbff1-1 with the --devel option in yay, afterwards yay and pamac tell me I can “update” to 21.04.r5.gf0c98166-1 but thinks it is up to date and only reinstalls 21.04snap.r6.gdbcbbff1-1 if I run yay -Syu

Just fixed it. Now it will allow you to update to the latest commit: 21.04.r6.gdbcbbff1-1.

The old version was seen as “newer”:

❯ vercmp 21.04.r5.gf0c98166-1 21.04snap.r6.gdbcbbff1-1
❯ vercmp --help
vercmp (pacman) v6.0.1

Compare package version numbers using pacman's version comparison logic.

Usage: vercmp <ver1> <ver2>

Output values:
  < 0 : if ver1 < ver2
    0 : if ver1 == ver2
  > 0 : if ver1 > ver2
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Yep, works now.
Wow that was fast

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