Yaru icons for dark


Hi, i really didn’ t know here to post this and did not find another thread.
I started using gnome and recently discovered yaru dark theme (official theme for ubuntu and really fell in love with the icons especially, in fact i still use Adapta-Nokto-Eta-Maia for applications and shell), tho i really want places icons to be manjaro typical green, how can i achieve this?
Here are the icons i use

Since the other problem i have is also because of strange theme configuration, as you can see i have dark theme everywhere

but vlc still manages to use a white theme, note that before (was using manjaro cinnamon) as you can see in the pictureScreenshot%20from%202018-11-15%2009-10-49 ,

same applies for virtualbox, how can i force them to use the application’s theme?
I hope somebody can help me


Since the Yaru icons are *.png (the scalable ones are not relevant for what you are looking for), colorizing them would not be quite easy as colorizing *.svg icons … but you could try on a copy.
One way is to edit the icons, let’s say Yaru/256x256@2x


A layer using the 16a085 color, set to LCh Color. You can create some batch automation, but i can’t explain now all the process. For a better Maia look, there should be another black layer set to HSL Color (if you are particular pretentious as i am when comes too looks). The difference is slight but visible:


For QT applications like VLC, you have to make use of the QT5 Settings to make use of the same Iconst, etc. + Kvantum Manager and set the theme to KvAdaptaMaiaDark.


or edit the SVG file in a text editor and alter the gradient colours to match the values below

         id="stop4497" />
         id="stop4499" />

taken from Breath icon theme


many thanks, will try these, it is a more programmatically approaoch to the one suggested by bogdancovaciu
ciao !


many thanks. i think i will use the other solution, but i will keep in mind this, this community is marevellous, oh ■■■■ i forgot about kvantum manager, feeling so dumb


That will work to edit the source files and then recompile/install

But if he has it already installed, then the icons are *.png and the few scalable are only the symbolic icons.


ah okay I thought that shouldn’t matter as by saving the SVG you’d be overwriting the symbolic linked file in the yaru places directory anyhow


where do i have to write this?


look inside the actual SVG files for the icons. you should find an entry somewhere around line 50 for gradients if not linear it may be radial (you’ll need sudo or root rights)

e.g. /usr/share/icons/themename/places/64/home.SVG


it look like in


i have all these subfolders

16x16 256x256 48x48 cursors scalable
16x16@2x 256x256@2x 48x48@2x cursor.theme scalable-max-32
24x24 32x32 8x8 icon-theme.cache
24x24@2x 32x32@2x 8x8@2x index.theme


then you need to work through them systematically and check for any places sub-directory containing icons. those are the icons that need modifying


i find the icons but i cannot find any svg file


I thought this was clear :slight_smile: :wink:


so is there a way to change the color without doing it manually with gimp?


I addressed to that too:

Have fun! There are multiple ways to batch and use scripts, i would need at least an hour to cover that


That means, normal people need about some weeks :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile: