Yakuake skips task switcher

Good day all,

A quick question: is your instance of Yakuake also being skipped when looping through windows with Alt+Tab? I mean when it’s pinned to be always shown and to not hide automatically.
I’d like to understand whether it’s some local misconfiguration or an upstream regression.


I think it is meant to skip the task switcher, whether shown or not. It’s not really a regular “task” but rather a kind of “desktop extension”. :thinking:


Ah, sorry, nevermind, I already found a relevant bug report:

I doubt that it was meant to be this way intentionally, because before Applications v. 21.08 it always worked correctly (I mean as I expect it to work). Another probably related issue is that it is not receiving focus when other window is minimised.
In general such behaviour brings more difficulties so I doubt it was an intentional change. I think it’s rather related to fixes that are meant to improve Wayland support (with side effects of breaking stuff here and there).

But you are right with regard to a general use case of Yakuake when its window is not pinned explicitly: yes, it should be skipped, lose focus until called again, unless it’s pinned by user.


Ah, that could be the reason why my muscle memory task switching seemed a little bit off lately :bulb:

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