Yakuake profile issues

Hello All,

Just wanted to see does anyone have issues with Yakuake automatically reseting the default to Breath and unable to edit that profile?

You can see that the edit button is not active

EDIT: im unable to upload a screenshot nor attach a link from a web image service

On my system, it is not set to Breath, but the Breath theme is indeed not editable.

Perhaps the issue here is not Breaths lack of editing but something resetting the default for Yakuake (or Konsole)

Try to set it in Yakuake configuration as “Default profile”. There’s profile management button in Yakuake menu.

UPD. Looks like we need to write a how-to for Konsole and Yakuake on profile changing…

Yeah that is the issue, the default kept resetting to Breath. Now I have created a separate profile and after reboot everything is fine. What the issue might be is that the only profile i had was Breath2 and for some reason that was not able to be the default.

I have 2 questions:

  1. What about the theme updates made it strip Yakuake’s theming?
  2. Why does clicking away from Yakuake not automatically hide it anymore?

I was able to reset the theme to Breath, so thanks for that tip!

You probably need to switch off ‘Keep window open when it loses focus’

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