Yakuake no longer launches using F12

It use to work. For some reason pushing F12 does nothing.

Try unsetting and resetting ?
Try finding anything else conflicting in keyboard shortcuts etc ?

(and I know silly … but … can you make sure you dont have something like Fn locked?)

I tried unsetting/setting. Even changed to another key. It still doesn’t work.
As you can see I added Kcalc to make sure shortcuts works, and it does.

Have you made sure that yakuake is running?

How is Yakuake made running organically. Autostart?

Normally yes. You could also simply use ksysguard to see if the process is running. If yes simply close it and start it again to see if it simply hung up for some reason.

Its not running, but I never removed it from autostart, if that’s where it originated. I didn’t want to use autostart if it started somewhere else. Thanks.

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