xWayland crashes on KDE bootup

I get a message everytime I boot up into KDE, fresh install, that says that windows effects have been disabled. When I click to see more about the message, I see that xWayland has crashed.
I have GK107M [GeForce GT 650M Mac Edition] (nVidia Coporation) & 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (Intel Corporation).
I’ve also tried installing plasma-wayland-session.
BTW, I have tearing on some webpages in Brave that I never had when using Brave while running Manjaro Gnome.

Wayland support in the KDE Plasma Workspace is in a tech-preview state.

Maybe here are some hints for you:


If you think it’s a bug you can file it here:


then you`re probably just confused and not actually using a wayland session. When Xwayland crashes it shows a not-clickable small “Xwayland has crashed” message; window effects can AFAIK only be turned off in a X session as well… What is the exact error message?

If you want to start a wayland session you have to choose it in the bottom left corner before you log in.

I´m having the same issue. This is new, i havent seen it before. After restarting the compositor all things are normal again and the screen tearing goes away. It is annoying though, this is not something one should need to do after every new login.

BTW i get a message i cant upload or link media, but otherwise i would have attached a screenshot

Installing xorg-xwayland seems to have fixed the problem so far.