Xscreensaver on GitLab removal

I just setup xscreensaver on my KDE desktop, and wanted to find some information to maybe start some kind of guide/tutorial to help properly set it up for KDE and other desktops.

I ended up on the GitLab and noticed this:

This project will be removed on 2020-08-25 since its parent group ‘Arch packages’ has been scheduled for removal.

So two issues:

  • We’re 2020-08-31, and it is obviously not removed as I just installed it.
  • Is Arch-package going to be removed from Manjaro on GitLab? Is this something to worry about? it is intended or a mistake? I never saw this kind of message before so I’m wondering.

I would prefer for this package to stay but if it must go then OK.

Those are arch packages.
I think maybe its just referring to an intended cleanup of the gitlab … maybe mirroring the arch stuff isnt considered necessary ?
In any case the availability of the package in the repos will continue at least as long as its still included and maintained upstream.