Xrandr increase brightness in incraments

Hi, I recently installed manjaro with awesome wm, and it has worked great, apart from the brightness and volume keys. I did a lazy fix for the volume keys by adding a custom key shortcut to my rc.lua:

awful.key({ modkey },             "="        function ()
awful.util.spawn("amixer -q sset Master 5%+") end,
                {description = "volume up (%5)", group = "volume"}

This works for volume, but i wanted to do the same for Brghtness, i found that i can adjust brightness with xrandr --brightness so i can adjust via the terminal with xrandr --output eDP1 --brightness #brightness 0.1-1 and change brightness, i want to do this in a increase of 10% and not to a fixed value so +10% or -10%, how can i do this?

And you question/issue is what?

Sorry i accidentally posted it early without the question…

Updated the post, now with question

man xrandr:

–brightness brightness
Multiply the gamma values on the crtc currently attached to the output to specified floating value. Useful for
overly bright or overly dim outputs. However, this is a software only modification, if your hardware has support
to actually change the brightness, you will probably prefer to use xbacklight

Note the part i underlined…

How can i use xbacklight?

It’s in the official repos…

(sorry for being a noob)

$ pacman -Ss xbacklight
extra/xorg-xbacklight 1.2.3-2 (xorg-apps xorg)
    RandR-based backlight control application
community/acpilight 1.2-2
    a backward-compatible xbacklight replacement based on ACPI

sudo pacman -S xorg-xbacklight :slight_smile:

sorry for being such a noob

> pamac search xbacklight                                                                                                      
intelbacklight-git                                                                                    r3.4ec8dfd-1        AUR 
    A tool that mimics the xbacklight functionality for intel_backlight.
gbacklight                                                                                            r5.6c053a2-1        AUR 
    Graphical frontend to xbacklight for adjusting the display brightness
acpilight-git                                                                                         v1.1.r9.gf54865e-1  AUR 
    A backward-compatibile xbacklight replacement
acpilight                                                                                             1.2-2               community 
    a backward-compatible xbacklight replacement based on ACPI
xorg-xbacklight-lxhillwind-patch                                                                      1.2.1-1             AUR 
    RandR-based backlight control application, with brightness represented as an integer.
xorg-xbacklight                                                                                       1.2.3-2             extra 
    RandR-based backlight control application
xfce4-power-manager-xbacklight                                                                        1.4.4-1             AUR 
    Power manager for Xfce desktop using xbacklight for setting brightness
gmuxbacklight-git                                                                                     r9.9df3036-1        AUR 
    Deepin gmux backlight fix

So you need xorg-xbacklight as package name…

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We all have to learn somehow. :slight_smile:

Im improving-

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