Xorg-session.log fills up rapidly → running out of disk space

Hey folks,

I recently got the same problem as in this question: Keep running out of disk space => xorg-session.log

The solution presented there is no real solution, so I investigated the problem further. The topic is also closed, so I needed to create a new topic.

Situation is this: If VLC shows a video, and the computer goes to sleep, after waking up it can’t refresh the video. Instead it floods this error:

vdpau_chroma filter error: video mixer features failure: An invalid handle value was provided.
vdpau_chroma filter error: video mixer attributes failure: An invalid handle value was provided.

This is repeated rapidly, resulting in millions (!) of log lines in minutes in xorg-session.log. So the solution presented in the mentioned question, to open VLC in a console, does kind of work, because the errors don’t go to the log file but remain in the console.

Apparently it would be better to address the error itself, but here I’m out of my bounds. Would it be possible to reset the graphics card after waking up from sleep? Or telling the log file a maximum size? Or telling VLC to stop spamming the same error over and over and over?

And where to report this bug? At KDE? Or Nvidia? Or VLC?

Thanks in advance.

This is the way i would go

You may find infos in the Arch-wiki about logfiles.

Thanks for the suggestion, but a solution like logrotate would be kind of crude in this case. I would have to set up a systemd timer to check each minute or so if this single log file goes crazy just in the rare case I forgot to close VLC after waking the machine from sleep.

EDIT: The last Manjaro update seems to have resolved this issue. VLC even continues to play after jumping to another time in the video, xorg-session.log shows no entries regarding vdpau_chroma filter. Marvelous.

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