Xorg-Server 1.20.9 crashes with Nvidia 450xx drivers

it’s ok with 1.20.9-2

Hi @stephane.

I am also having the xorg problem and I am trying to downgrade to anything below 1.20.8-4 (or upgrade to 1.20.9-2), but when I run sudo downgrade xorg-server I only have the option to reinstall the same version I am running now (1.20.8-4).

I have discovered that this is because downgrade cannot see the zst files in the remote servers. However, by your post I can see that somehow you can pull all versions. Can you tell me what is the secret? :wink:


Hmmm… downgrade should support zst since v6.2.4 at least, now it’s at v8.1.1. As a temporary solution, you could try manually downloading from the Arch Linux Archive.

Hi @pobrn.

Yeah, it is a little strange why my downgrade cannot see the other xorg-server versions.

Your advice is sound. I will try it and report back.


Hi people.

I have managed to install xorg-server version 1.20.9-2 going to Arch Archive (https://archive.archlinux.org/packages/x/xorg-server/) and downloading from there. I just finished a test suspending my computer and returning it to active after half a hour or so. Everything worked fine and there is no core dump registered in journalctl.