Xorg or Wayland

Hi all.
I am using two Manjaro machines:

    • Custom desktop computer
    • ThinkPad T440p laptop

I’ve installed Manjaro Gnome on the laptop 2 months after the desktop, but i noticed that the installation on the desktop installed Xorg, while the laptop installation installed XWayland.
I was not asked which window manager to use during installation…

How can i choose which one to use? Which one do you suggest? How can i install XWayland on the desktop too?

Thank you

in the log in screen click on the settings icon and select wayland there

I found some applications not working with Wayland, most notably MS Teams, OBS and Shutter. These apps are unable to identify (share/record/capture) single windows of the screen.

That’s why I opted out of Wayland for now. Edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf to disable it, and reboot.

Both are installed by default. If the driver is an open source one, then it will use Wayland by default. If it is the proprietary driver of nvidia, wayland is disabled completely by default due lack of compatibility.

Anyway, you can switch between Xorg and Wayland at Gnome on the Login Screen. There is a Button on the bottom right.

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