Xorg causes alot of lag if pc is in sleep mode for a long time

So if I ctr + alt + delete to sign out of manjaro and leave my pc for like 30 mins to go do something else when I come back its very laggy. I checked htop and found that Xorg is using like 90% of my CPU
Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Info that might be useful:
Manjaro XFCE
Kernel: Linux 5.10.23-1
HTOP: i.imgur .com/cGuekYi.png (Cant seem to put this as an actual url, probs cuz im new)

Hello @JDChris100 :wink:

It depends on what you are running graphically while you are away. xorg just dispays things. It depend also on applications which you are running which could cause xorg to eat all cpu power.

Also if the pc was in deep sleep mode, it freeze all processes and when awaking it, it have to rework and check a lot of things. Idk what exactly, but it is normal after awaking from deep sleep.


I mean im usually running 3-4 programs max
Discord, Intelij, Firefox, Spotify