Xkill does not work for me on Manjaro/Gnome

What is happening is the vast majority of the time xkill is not able to target my apps to kill them. I’ve tested most of the apps on my freshly installed Manjaro/Gnome desktop, and the only apps I seem to be able to target and kill using xkill are Google Chrome, Steam, and GIMP. For those three apps the expected behavior of the skull and crossbone cursor appearing when I mouse over the application window occurs, and I am able to kill the application. But for all of the other apps that I have tested, the cursor never changes, and I can interact with the application without killing it despite the fact xkill is running.

I’m new to Arch/Manjaro, so its entirely possible or likely the problem is user error. Has anyone else encountered this and can recommend a fix (or alternative)?

xkill only works on xorg, by default wayland is used.
logout & select the gnome xorg session, then you can xkill all you want.

Thank you! (am newb.)

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