Xfce4-terminal does not execute commands

I noticed unusual behavior in the xfce4-terminal after the update

Before the update, my terminal worked like this:

After selecting a command (for example, from a text file) along with a line break (I repeat it together with a line break - this is an important point!) And pressing the middle mouse button in the terminal - the command was inserted and immediately executed.

This allowed me to do everyday tasks without getting up from the couch or leaning back in my chair, without having to reach for the Enter key.

Now, after the update, the behavior has changed: after inserting with the middle mouse button, the command is simply inserted into the terminal, but not executed. Perhaps the updated system did this on purpose for security reasons. But I want my terminal to work as before, so that I don’t have to confirm the action and press Enter every time.

How can I fix this?

Guys, tell me, did you notice this too? Or does your terminal work as before?

I have to admit, I never paid any attention whether hitting enter or not.

Briefly tested

  • Inserting only 1 line incl. line break via middle mouse button, no command execution - as in your example
  • but! cp incl. next (empty) line I get a warning pop up message that this execution might be unsafe. Confirming executes the command

Hope this helps

Confirmed. I get often warnings, when I paste multiline content into terminal.