Xfce4-screensaver broke my system

I was feeling nostalgic about screensavers the other day and so I use pamac to install xfce4-screensaver. After installing checking the settings and setting a screen saver I walked away and came back around 10 minutes later. The screen was black with no screensaver. Oh well, I guess it doesn’t work. I tapped the keyboard and shook the mouse and LightDM shows up on the screen. I typed in my password and instead of my desktop I am presented with… another lock screen! But this one does not accept any keyboard input. I try to enter my password, no dots show up in the text box. Hitting enter does nothing. When I click “login” it fails for obvious reasons. Now stuck in lock-screen purgatory, I entered a TTY and rebooted my machine.

Since everything was working fine before installing xfce4-screensaver, I went into pamac and removed this package. I was warned that xfce4-screensaver is an optional requirement for some other application, I don’t remember which one. I figured, it’s optional and whatever it is must have been working before I installed screensaver so I removed it anyway.

Now when my system locks up after 10 minutes, I still get LightDM. But when I enter my password, I get nothing but my mouse cursor and a black screen. This only occurs when the system automatically enters a locked state after a period of inactivity. If I manually lock the machine, I can enter my password and get back to my desktop just fine.

System:    Host: desktop Kernel: 5.9.16-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: Xfce 4.16.0 Distro: Manjaro Linux

From the description I don’t know what this can be.

Try checking/disabling Display Power Management.
Settings Manager from menu
or from Terminal via:
LANG=C xfce4-settings-manager
→ Power Manager
third Tab (Display)

I have the xfce4-screensaver installed by default and did not remove it - I just switched it off

… your profile says KDE as desktop environment

Mine works fine on Manjaro xfce and Arch VM. I ditched light-locker awhile back when it was having issues. No real reason to look back.