[xfce4 + i3wm] My first (real) rice



Go easy, it’s my first rice :smiley:

This is a mix of i3wm and xfce4-DE, decided to theme it in such a way that i can switch between the two environments at least relatively seamlessly. Since i can never seem to settle on a single environment and always go back and forth between xfce and i3, this is the result.

I’m still working out some bugs over in the i3 section, such as broken unicode (as you’ll see in the rofi menu), and some issues with the polybar configuration, but i’ll figure it out soon enough. Figured I should go ahead and post, considering it’s a new year! Not that it really relates.

[Manjaro XFCE Edition] i3wm volume & brightness buttons not working

That’s a ranger on i3wm?


sure is!


@lojze: Ranger is pre-installed on the Manjaro i3.

Looks good,infosecanthony. Keep on tweakin’!

My i3 is minimal. (Shot from a couple of days ago.)

But, hey, I’ve got the pipes! :slight_smile:


big fan of that… conky is it? looks awesome!


I just posted it over in the conky thread if you want to try it.


I miss ranger’s image preview option in mc, which is my file manager…


I never went to image folders in ranger thinking there wouldn’t even be any thumbnails.

Thanks, lojze, I just learned something new. :slight_smile:


image previews are one of my favorite ranger features, it’s a huge part of why i use it!


Just noticed: off-line / surf’s up!