Xfce4 4.16 warning

since 4.16 set CSD by default, make me quit xfce4 version.
so, Devs should warning user before update in the future

yep, test unstable repos and mess up.

The Manjaro - Team apply some patches for this


I don’t know what CSD means but I was AFK for 2 weeks (roughly) and just after booting my rpi4 8gb, it’s on the unstable branch, I saw that there were updates available (xfce 4.16 mainly). The last updates were set on 2020-12-18.

I’ve just reboot it and now I have a desktop with only a wallpaper and home icon (no taskbar, no menu).
I cannot run any graphical software and even the terminal doesn’t work : when I right-clic on “open terminal here” I get a window without controls and I cannot write in it.

if needed I have the diff of all the updates…

My system has libxfce4ui 4.16.0-1 and not libxfce4ui-nocsd (formely it was libxfce4ui 4.14.1-3).
Do I have to install libxfce4ui-nocsd 4.16-0.1 instead ?

I’ve tested this library and it doesn’t change anything… :frowning:

I’ve learned what CSD is ( Client-side decorations) but it doesn’t help me : Xfce 4.16 is Adopting Client Side Decoration by Default - OMG! Ubuntu!

Just to keep up since this was posted in 2 threads. I did a total system upgrade in the unstable branch and I have no issues.

Personally GTK3 should give Users a Choice between Classic or Client Decorations, :roll_eyes:

After all isn’t that one of the many Reasons We are using FOSS in the first place?

GTK has a clear view of how it wants its users workflow to work.

If that’s not what you want, there are other DE’s out there.

But the XFCE developers could give an option in the settings, to turn on/off the CSD introduced in 4.16. I’m surprised they haven’t yet.


Maybe both of Us could send something to the Xfce Developers about this? I would really hate to start looking for some other DE, since I’v been using this one for long.

I don’t use XFCE, so it’s not really my place to demand stuff like this. :slight_smile:

Well I don’t want to come across as demanding. I just don’t see Client Side Decorations as an Improvement.

By the way, do Mate and Cinnamon use CSD?

Don’t think they do. (I don’t use those either)

So what do you use?

There is a discussion about on the Xfce’s forum, as there are plenty of these complaints about elsewhere (eg, also on Gitlab)

XFCE4.16 to switch to CSD / General discussion / Xfce Forums

Luckily, in repo, there are two packages to get rid of CSD: gtk3-classic and libxfce4ui-nocsd.

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Thank you for mentioning gtk3-classic and libxfce4ui-nocsd. Will I need both of them?

So how do I switch over to those?

I’m on X64, Stable branch and Xfce 4.16 is still not available here, but from what I read about, seems that to avoid CSD, both packages needs to be installed; furthermore seems that there is the need to set the DialogsUseHeader option to false under Settings Editor (xfce4-settings-editor) > xsettings> Gtk

I use KDE Plasma. :slight_smile:

Has KDE been Well Improved since the KDE 4 Days? I was just fine with KDE 3.5.x. It was Fast, Easy to Configure, and didn’t Require all that much in Hardware.

I have thought about checking out Trinity(TDE), but very Distros use or even have it.

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This is getting pretty off topic here.

But to say it mildly. I use KDE on every device I have, X64 desktop, X64 laptop, All my ARM boards, like Raspberry Pi 4 and ARM laptops like Pinebook and Pinebook Pro. Even on PinePhone with Plasma Mobile.
And it just flies.

Sorry. I didn’t mean to go Off-Topic here. But that is how I ended up with Xfce. This was back in later 2008(?) back when I was using Mandrake/Mandriva.