XFCE Variant of Numix-Manjaro with larger borders



Guys, I was fed up with the Vertex Maia theme.
I really prefered the flat style of Numix.

And I wanted an easy way to grab the window with the mouse without any of those silly XFCE workarounds.
(The XFCE border size problem- the Xfce Window border is too thin to grab).

Here is the numix-manjaro-borders a mix of the numix-manjaro and the “straight” version.


XFCE Window resizing grips too small

Looks pretty good to me…


Installed, but not appearing:


Same. Installed fine but not showing up.


it is in “window manager” :wink: setting applet.

it looks like this (see the larger window border that you can grab on all sides)


So no use to compiz/emerald users…


Yep sorry. I am using the offtheshelf XFCE on Mnajaro OpenRC, I wasn’t aware that compiz worked with XFCE


Hi, this solves a problem I have been having. I use a trackball and due to medication I take my fingers tend to jitter, making it very hard for me to select the Manjaro default window borders for dragging (especially the corners). I know resizing can be done from right clicking the window title bar but that’s not nearly as efficient or intuitive.

I downloaded your package and installed it. It works flawlessly with the instructions from this thread. So thank you, you have really helped me out on a frequently recurring usability issue.


Thanks, I like it. The border size of the Vertex Maia theme was pretty annoying and I didn’t like any of the other themes so far…


I may have the older version of numix manjaro, firefox menu bar works but grayed out ca’nt hardly see, or blanked, end up fishing for controls in the dark zone, it may be a firefox issue, no matter themes I change, firefox menu bar is always dark, manjaro dark


Thank you for this package. Any chance to do the same with the arc-dark or arc-darker theme?


I like that template too.

No time these days.