XFCE touchpad issue

Hello Manjaro community, yesterday night after disgusted with fedora gnome and opensuse plasma freezing issue i finally decided to switch back to Manjaro but this time i choose to go with xfce DE
I am facing an weird issue with my touchpad on Asus vivobook15 Ryzen5 2500U, speed is not increasing and very slow touch pad and natural scrolling is not working .
you understands it’s a little bit giving problem .
is that xfce totally relies on keyboard ?
and one more problem is that on live video chat screen brightness is automatically decreasing which is a problem which is gotta be stable right?

if none of my problem solves , I will just learn it and never switch back to others

I was a Manajro user from july just switched to others because i wanna try them but i disgusted after using Fedora and openSUSE lagging and freezing issue in openSUSE specially on KDE and Fedora , system is very laggy
That’s why i decided to back to Manjaro with xfce because Manajro was my First love
I faced the touch pad issue
Hardware AMD Ryzen 2500U
with some gesture issue like tap is not working tap to select and natural scrolling

I suggest you check Settings > Mouse & Touchpad to see if touchpad is recognised
xfce:xfce4-settings:mouse [Xfce Docs]

Asus have released many different laptop with the name Vivobook 15
ASUSTek Computer VivoBook 15_ASUS (All) Computers
more information about this hardware is needed

There is only one comment I can find on Archwiki for a Vivobook 15 relating to touchpad

Laptop/ASUS - ArchWiki

VivoBook X509DA_D509DA
Sometimes the touchpad is not recognized, to fix run sudo rmmod i2c-hid-acpi and sudo modprobe i2c-hid-acpi

using xinput might help.
use this program written in bash.