xfce thunar browse network does not work

browse network does not find samba shares from other computers and raspberry pi's. media server using libreelec not found. only windows icon.


Look here, I hope it will be helpful, for a third time...

for a bunch of times, i am an old man that does not want to deal with crap that doesnt work. i have installed and used about every distro out there and this is a basic simple thing that works on all. so spare me for the 3rd time crap and fix the problem yes you po'd me with your mouth like all you little millernial freaks if i wanted to deal with crap i would go back to windows since when does a bug report involve some1 with a smart mouth anyway

You are the one who needs to use samba, so it's your problem really.
Don't demand people fix your issues, when the system is free of charge.

The tone of your reply is unacceptable!

We are all volunteers helping each other. We owe you nothing!

[...] so spare me for the 3rd time crap and fix the problem

Again, we owe you nothing.

If you can not appreciate that you can pick any other distro or go back to Windows.

No one here is clairvoyant. Making a post with out posting any info like /etc/smb.conf or if you have smb service enabled or other related things puts your issue completely out of reach for any one here with samba experience to help you.

I am 70 years old and I fail to grasp what age has to do with anything. I have also have used most arm distros out there and they do have different levels of things that require user intervention to get various programs configured and steps to take to get them up and running.

By singling out and putting blame on just Manjaro-ARM is really a misplaced notion when in all likely hood your issue not a bug in the first place but a config or service not enabled and so on with your end since it appears people here have their samba working.

I do not have and will never have a samba share here as I have been linux only for @25 years as all of my family members. If you want to do a reboot and start over with your issue and and do it in a proper way by posting your smb.config and what steps you have taken with other things I am sure the people here that has samba working would be glad to help you. There are some really smart people here.

This forum is here for every one to help others. Every one has his own unique experiences dealing with various issues and as a whole we can figure out most any issue.

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