Xfce restart and shutdown buttons grayed out since elogind update

If I call the “log out” screen, the window popup but only the “log out” button is enabled, “restart” and “shut down” are disabled.
Also, the login screen does not allow poweroff either.

The very same thing happend to me after the latest update involving installing elogind. I answered “Y” to all “Replace xx with yy” prompts during the update. The Shut Down and the Restart buttons are greyed out and do not work.

You need to add elogind to default runlevel.

rc-update add elogind default

start service…

service elogind start

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Thanks, artoo! Your answer solved the problem.

While you are at it, you can remove left over services, that got replaced. :wink:

rc-update del cgmanager default
rc-update del consolekit default

consolekit was removed during the last Manjaro update because of a conflict. I have now also removed cgmanager, as you suggested. I hope that everything still continues to work fine. It is reassuring to find help so quickly in times of need. Thanks again.

Yes, the packages got removed, but not the dead symlinks in runlevel.

Recheck consolekit too.

My ignorance, I thought that the symlink also was removed with a removed package. Now, I have also removed the symlinks. I am still learning.

Glad you say that, its why I didn’t automate it. :innocent:
Its good to learn basic service handling.

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elogind added and enabled, I presume everything will be fine after the next reboot.
Also, the two services are now “cleaned”.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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