Xfce panel workaround

I found this in session and startup and was wondering what this is for?
And is this still nessecary?

I leads to a script in /etc/skel/.config/xfce-panel-workaround.desktop and contains this:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=XFCE-Panel Workaround

this leads to xfce-pbw.sh and contains this:

sleep 5
xfsettingsd --replace &
sleep 15
xfsettingsd --replace &
sleep 25
xfsettingsd --replace &

This is something that is in the iso file i used, i never installed this.

I don’t know for what it’s for but it was introduced three years ago: [pkg-upd] 20200109-1 (eaeac264) · Commits · Packages / Community / xfce / manjaro-xfce-settings · GitLab

Thanks for the info

Maybe @philm can shed a light about this?

I have had it disabled from day one. By disable, I mean unchecking the checkbox in Settings > Session and Startup > Application Autostart.

did you notice anything from your change?

It must have a reason although i must agree that it is odd and doesn’t make any sense to me either.

It has been a while now, and I believe I brought it up in the archived forum (now defunct). On every machine we have installed Manjaro Xfce on, we disable it as part of the normal install. Hidden=false is also changed to Hidden=true. Never had any problems with xfsettingsd.

This workaround was first introduced in the package manjaro-xfce-gtk3-settings (initial commit was this one).

Apparently it had to do with some bug in the theming of xfce4-session-logout dialog window of Xfce. The bug report and philm’s posts on it can be found here:

The bug was fixed, so i guess this workaround is not needed any more.

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thanks for explaining.

This workaround should be removed then, @philm or maintainer of xfce iso