XFCE panel - tasklist window buttons changing icons size

Good morning, I'm trying to make complete xfce overhaul and one thing that I can't achieve is making tasklist-3 (Window Buttons item) icons bigger. The best effect which I achieved yet is scaling them by writing few lines in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css but they look very blurry and I know that I have to change their size somewhere. I tried modifying xsettings in Settings Editor but it doesn't work. Is there someone who knows how to do it? I'll appreciate ittaskbar

Upscaling an icon with -gtk-icon-transform blurs the icon. However, downscaling an icon with -gtk-icon-transform does not. So a workaround for the upscale blurring might be to set a larger icon size in Xfce Panel Preferences, and then downscale the icons with -gtk-icon-transform, using a scale that gives you the desired intermediate icon size. This workaround is described here:


This workaround is a little tricky because, if you want to change the size of only the tasklist icons, then other panel objects will need to be downscaled separately with -gtk-icon-transform so that they end up with their original size.

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