Xfce panel delay

Manjaro ignores my gtk-3.0/gtk.css file.

I have in the file:

.xfce4-panel {

XfcePanelWindow-popup-delay: 1000;

XfcePanelWindow-popdown-delay: 50;

XfcePanelWindow-autohide-size: 1;

This is to delay the panels from popping up
the instance they are touched.

This works just fine in Ubuntu, but has no effect
in Manjaro.

I figured it out:
I looked in the .xsession-errors file and found out that
XfcePanelWindow-popup-delay and the other property names are not valid property names. Then I looked carefully again in
how the gtk.css file in Ubuntu was worded and it turns
out that each property name must have a - in front of it to be valid. In other words, instead of
it must be
This solved it and now it works.

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