Xfce panel automatically changing location from bottom to the top and back

Xfce is great and flexible. I am using two panels: one vertical panel with tasks is fixed on the left side and another horizontal with application launchers on the bottom of the screen.

The issue is that the bottom panel sometimes automatically jumps to the top of the screen. For example, after the start of an application in Wine or Lutris the panel will be shown on the top of the screen. If you move the mouse to the original position of the panel, then it jumps automatically back. Locking of the panel does not help. How it would be possible to fix the position of the panel?

Hello @Hauru :wink:

Lock Panel at the panel preferences does not work?

Locking of the panel works, in general, but not in this case.

Does that mean you don’t have that issue with native applications?

Yes, there are no issues with normal native applications. The issue is somehow specific for Wine applications that will be started from Lutris or direct via a lancher.