Are you going to publish a minimal version for Manjaro XFCE @oberon @philm

Manjaro-Cinnamon, -Deepin and -i3 updated to 17.1.9

Shouldn’t be a problem.
As far as I can see it shouldn’t be a problem to simply use the regular manjaro-xfce-settings package for the minimal/basic profile. The only thing not matching I think would be mimeapps.list - but those entries will simply be ignored anyway …


I will try a test-build against v17.1 branch profile later and see how it works.


…yes, waiting for this, since 16.10-dev was one of my favorites. :heart_eyes:


I always simply use the following install to get a ‘minimal’ xfce install:

sudo pacman -S xfce4

from there you have 14 items to skinny down.

What can I say? It works for me.

Make ISO image downloads easier to find

Voilà, here you go:

Xfce-minimal 17.1.9

:sunglasses: :sunglasses:
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:slightly_smiling_face: @oberon, Nicely done! The Xfce-lovers are going to be in a heavenly state of mind!


Never tried Xfce-minimal as of yet but looking forward to it on the next rain day.
Likely the only issue will be the amount of free space left on the drive. :shushing_face:
Thanks @oberon !


thanks ! you are the real MVP! @oberon
i love the philosophy of minimal editions fully functional with a package manager and a working terminal so the user can choose what software they want to install

is it possible to make the same with i3 and gnome version?


You could also use Manjaro Architect to get XFCE minimal (or any other DE as minimal)


A minimal ISO of i3 is already available !
So are some other Community Editions. :slight_smile:
@Ste74 used to build Gnome minimals. Not sure how the state of the minimal profile currently is and if he ore Philip are willing to do it separately in the future.
It’s true in any case that with manjaro-architect you can install most profiles also minimal, however, the xfce-minimal was temporarily broken until just recently :wink:


Thanks for XFCE minimal and cinnamon minimal


Finally had time to install and test xfce-minimal without issues.
Thanks for another fantastic release. :star_struck:


there really needs to be a gnome-minimal too. I love the gnome work flow but there are so many bells and whistles in the recent gnome versions it’s overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great, functions well, @Ste74 is doing a great job but it would be cool to have one that has mainly the theme and less stuff already installed.


I’m not sure what is so minimal about xfce minimal. I’m just comparing them side by side in VM’s and the minimal version still has a lot of stuff on it that just isn’t needed.

Microsoft Office junk

Forgive me, not trying to sound rude or anything. But what is the purpose of xfce minimal if it still has quite a lot of extra stuff?

According to ncdu, there is 5.2Gb used in the /run directory on minimal, and 7.0GB on the normal directory.


To be fair, that extra stuff is somewhat lighter than the stuff included in the “normal” edition.

Skype (is it really there??) on the other hand shouldn’t be on any ISO.


There is a online version of Skype in ms-office-online There is no real Skype in on the any ISO.

The other applications are essential for a specific task on Desktop Systems. Like eMail, Browser, Music and network services discovery in your local network.


Maybe he wants an “empty” Xfce desktop without any desktop applications.
In which case just a few pacman -R commands would be sufficient.


How about XFCE 17.1.2 minimal iso?I can’t download torrent file


Because there is no such version. Use Manjaro Architect to install a up to date minimal version of XFCE or use the latest Manjaro Minimal, which is 17.1.11

Keep in mind that a iso version has no real meaning on a rolling distribution.